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Hands On with Amazon’s First Game

Kelley Kiwi Posted:
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Announced at Twitchcon September 2016 by AMAZON GAMES Breakway is a 4v4 arena battler with currently one objective, seize the relic and slam dunk it into the opposing teams base!

Jumping into closed Alpha this weekend these overworked, lens reliant eyes braced for confusion fueled by a pace that seemed too fast from the footage I had seen from Twitchcon but it wasn't necessary. 

The UI features already available are something you don't often see in a closed Alpha encouraging a more confident, thrilling experience which is welcome after the initial sign up confusion - if you already have Twitch/Curse chat apps uninstall them to get the latest version via applying your code to download Breakaway on the official site. 

Once in you can easily access the official forums and website straight from the welcome screen to help you gain more knowledge. You also get MVP's per match, replays, kill stats, scoreboard, chat features during the load in and match as well as an easily-navigated item store to spend your points on each match.

Breakaway developers continue their attention to detail shipping massive changes to their characters known as "Warriors" for this June 15th closed Alpha test after feedback from the community. Changes included, appearance, voice over and even went as far as name changes. New store items were added to also heighten the customization of your game with stats that increase while carrying the relic.

Each match is four minutes long and its best of five, first to three wins.

For this Alpha test practice is the only mode I played so I could experience the first four warriors Argus, Thorgrim, Kyrra and Alona in the brief time frame. As always I started on a healer which is Alona  but her main direct heal is proximity base which I didn't take to well moving quickly to a tank warrior Thorgrim, then Kyrra and Argus.

Practice mode is based on the El Dorado map. IOne of two maps currently available with others in the works. El Dorado has heal and damage buffs to contest though the  most exciting feature I've found that adds depth of strategy are "buildables." 

Every warriors has their own buildables. Alona's being "Sun Shrine" an AoE heal. Thorgrims buildable is "Wall" creating a funnel or barrier. You can attack the enemy teams buildables and each warrior gets a chance to place another each match so the stack excitement is real!

Since this Alpha test closed Monday AMAZON GAMES Breakaway developers held a Q&A on Official forums and Breakaway Discord Admin tentatively released rumors that closed Alpha testing moves to weekly, weekend tests beginning this Thursday to Monday.

Like most I am extra curious how Breakaway will support and evolve with Twitch as the e-sports possibilities are definitely there with this game and hopeful competitors are already jumping in to tests so I'll be keeping my fingers on the pulse of this as well as all AMAZON GAMES.

Breakaway is not only fun for those who love basketball and team sports as well as fast paced competitive arena games. Breakaway also offers collections, customization and their is hope for the masses if these eyes can do it anyone's can especially since it's also the first game in a decade of playing games online where I am enjoying melee more than ranged classes but whether that remains to be the way upon launch, we will see.

You can sign up for Breakaway on the Official Site, catch Breakaway @Twitch being streamed or the streamers social medias for Alpha code giveaways!


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