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Hands On Preview - Bringing the Wonderful World of Marvel to PS4

Blake Morse Posted:
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Yes, true believers it’s really happening! The folks over at Gazillion are bringing their popular F2P MMORPG, Marvel Heroes from the PC platform to the wonderful world of consoles in the form of Marvel Heroes Omega. We got our first look at the brand new incarnation a few weeks ago in the form of a teaser trailer, but now Gazillion has been gracious enough to provide us with some hands-on time and a more detailed, in-depth look at what fans of the game and the Marvel Universe can expect from the upcoming title.

For those unfamiliar with the gameplay style, it’s very action oriented. If you’ve ever happened to play Activision’s Ultimate Alliance series or the classic X-Men Legends game, you’ll be somewhat familiar with the play style. You take control of one of several Marvel heroes and bash, blast and smash your way through enemies in an overhead view environment. Each character has up to eight regular attacks and abilities they can equip and use at one time along with one ultra-mega-badass attack they can charge up and unleash on any bad guys that get in their way. Skills and abilities can also be augmented with armor and equipment that you pick up or purchase as you play.

When Omega finally launches you can expect to see a roster of 38 playable characters that cross a broad spectrum of Marvel’s history. Fans of the cinematic universe will be able to vaporize enemies as Rocket Raccoon (who can even call in his buddy Groot to give him a hand) poke holes in people as Deadpool, slash their way through as Wolverine, or astral project with Dr.Strange. And that’s just a handful of the dynamic roster. Each character also has a healthy amount of costumes available to them, so if your prefer Spider-Gwen to Spider-Man, or X-23 over Old Man Logan, you’ll be able to match your character to your personal aesthetics.

Whether you prefer a hands-on brawler, a long-range shooter or a support class, there’s a Marvel hero that will meet your play style. You’ll get one totally freebie character to begin with, but you’ll still be able to play as any of the heroes available up to level 10 at which point you’ll either have to purchase them through microtransactions or through special items dropped in combat.

Right now the first 9 chapters of the PC version of the game are planned on being playable at launch but it’s probably safe to assume there will be more available down the pipeline along with an expanding group of heroes available to play. And while many features of Omega are exactly the same as its PC counterpart, you can expect some special surprises. The biggest one probably being that you’ll be able to do couch co-op play with a friend of yours. At the moment it’s only two players at a time locally, but you’ll both be able to hop online and team up with more friends and assemble your own Avengers, or Guardians of the Galaxy, or X-Men. Console players will also be getting a new UI for keeping track of their rosters and inventories.

Right now there’s no official release date for Marvel Heroes Omega, but we will be getting a closed beta starting later this week on April 21st, 2017. So be sure to keep checking back to find out what’s happening in the wonderful world of Marvel. Until then though…’Nuff said. 


Blake Morse