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Halls of Power Part II Preview

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Halls of Power Part II is the second part of a trilogy of DLC episodes for DC Universe Online. Inspired by Jack Kirby’s “Fourth World” works for DC Comics, this series introduces a number of popular characters from New Genesis and Apokolips to DCUO. We recently had an opportunity to check out the new DLC in a demo run by DCUO senior creative director Jens Andersen and design director Jesse Benjamin.


Andersen wasted no time getting to what everyone wants to know about the DLC: What new goodies can I unlock? To that end, Villains will be able to spend Marks of Victory to acquire item sets based on Darkseid’s first-born son, Kalibak, as well as a set themed after Darkseid’s uncle, Steppenwolf. Heroes will be able to acquire gear inspired by Big Barda and Mr. Miracle.

Not necessarily tied to Halls of Power Part II, but released in a recent game update, Andersen noted that DCUO now features a new Loot Picker, which allows players to choose from a number of items when an enemy does drop something.

New Content

Overworld content will take place on the new planet of New Genesis, where players can complete a number of solo missions centered on Darkseid’s invasion of the planet.  There are also two Duos, an Alert (4-man), a raid (including an elite version, and an operation.

In our demo of the new alert, Fatal Exams, we learn that Granny Goodness has been kidnapping both heroes and villains to gauge their potential threat towards Darkseid’s plans. Andersen wouldn’t go into these plans just yet, but they should be suitably nefarious. After attempting to fend off assaulting Parademons, the players are kidnapped and brought to Granny Goodness’ Happiness Home on Apokolips where they must successfully navigate Granny’s tests, including a fight against the brainwashed hero, Hawkgirl, an awesome wind turbine puzzle, and more.


Changes to DLC

Going forward, DLC will now be called “episodes”, but there’s more to Daybreak’s plans than a simple name change.  Currently, Daybreak releases DLC every three months in one huge chunk all at once. Beyond DLC 14, Daybreak will be switching over to a monthly content cadence whereby players will receive the same six or so pieces of content released with each DLC only spread out over three months instead of all at once. In practical terms, this means players will receive content more frequently. Daybreak will also be making changes to rewards so they flow better as content is introduced. Speaking of reward changes, Daybreak is shifting away from set bonuses to something called Item Affinities, which allows players much more customization in mixing and matching Rare gear to assign bonuses that suit a particular play style or build.

It’s important to note that episodes will not follow the same contiguous storylines that players have seen in Halls of Power, War of the Light, and Amazon Fury.  Daybreak has been working with its partners at DC to take advantage of timely events in the comics, television, and elsewhere and this new monthly cadence is key to facilitating these plans. Previously, Daybreak had to plan each new DLC six months in advance, which doesn’t allow for a ton of flexibility in taking advantage of new events as they pop up in the DC universe.

DC Universe Online: Halls of Power Part II is now available for $9.99.


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