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Guild Wars 2: A Dangerous Foe Appears – Drakkar!

Steven Weber Posted:
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Guild Wars 2 players are currently knee deep in the icy depths of the Icebrood Saga. Today launches the next episode of the narrative, and will pit players against a known enemy that has become more dangerous than anyone could have imagined. A battle with Drakkar is on the horizon, do you have what it takes to join the hunt and defeat him? Our hands-on playtest will help you answer that question.  

For those unfamiliar with him, Drakkar is a champion of the Ice Dragon Jormag, with the ability to whisper thoughts into passersby. This alone could make Drakkar a formidable foe, but there is more to this world boss than a test of the mind. After meeting up with Jhavi Jorasdottir, you fight against all manner of imps and elementals as you battle your way into Drakkars lair. On your journey you’ll have to destroy several Aberrant, Svanir and Fallen Portals to ensure more enemies don’t appear.  The portals feel very similar to the way the Shadow behemoth battle works.

From a veterans perspective, making your way to Drakkar is simplistic and enjoyable. Few of our party fell into real trouble, and at best it feels like an appetizer in preparation for a much heartier meal. Once you reach the champions lair, Drakkar breaks through the Ice and the battle begins. Between the wind pushing players back, heavy hitting attacks that do not relent, and knock downs that can throw off the momentum of battle, Drakkar proves to be a strong world boss.  After whittling down his health, Drakkar retreats back into the ice to find a new point to emerge. Each point of entry is its own entity, and even if you’ve played it before, you may not know when Drakker will attack.

As the beast moves from one entry point to the next, as long as you pay attention, you’ll be able to see his shadow move from within the ice. The dynamic way in which Drakkar interacts with his aggressors is starkly different than many of the other world bosses we’ve seen before. As the battle rages on, players will be tasked with heading into the Raven Gates to defeat Champions that bolster Drakkars strength. Some players will have to split from the main group to defeat the champions inside the raven gate, while others must stay and defend Jhavis shield against Drakkars assault. Once you defeat a champion, you are slapped with a debuff, which bars you from entering the next Raven Gate and battling that champion, so divvying up those that enter the Raven Gate and those that stay to defend will be an added challenge for random pick up group battles in the open world.

The Drakkar battle has many different mechanics that are there to help players bridge the gap between some of Guild Wars 2’s tougher PvE content such as Strike Missions, and the easier, more new player friendly world bosses. Defeating Drakkar is one of the most accessible and most fun boss fights Guild Wars 2 has added in recent memory. Once you’ve overcome Drakkar, you’ll be rewarded with several chests. If you’re lucky you may even be a recipient of the special weapon skin that can be found upon opening Drakkars reward chest.  

In addition to the new Boss battle, players can look forward to a rather tricky jumping puzzle below the Champions Lair, which will earn players a new mastery point, which will be vital in upping their mastery game, earning them more rewards and worldly benefits, as most mastery points do.  Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga Episode 2 is available today.


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