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Guild Interface Video Preview

William Murphy Posted:
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Earlier in the week we highlighted the User Interface of Guild Wars 2, but one thing we didn’t dive into was the Guild UI during the beta weekend.  So today, we’ll do just that in this video exploration of the system.  It’s pretty darn extensive, even at this stage of the beta.  The most intriguing part is easily the Guild Influence and upgrade system.  Your guild will earn Influence as a currency during regular play, which will allow you to buy upgrades to any number of things like guild experience gain, magic find, and PVP bonuses as well.  None of this is bought with in-game gold, and instead has to be earned via simply playing and accomplishing things with your characters active in the guild.  You’ll also see how you can represent many guilds in the game on your account, but only ever one at a time.  Have dreams of a Thieves Guild? You can make it happen, especially with the lack of holy trinity necessary here.

But enough of my rambling.  Just watch the video and get educated!


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