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Giant Robots come to HotS

Ethan Macfie Posted:
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If there’s one thing that Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm MOBA is known for, it’s breaking and stomping all over the mold  used by other games in the genre, featuring a number of battlegrounds with unique mechanics that sometimes feel a little bit off the wall. Heroes’ latest map from the Overwatch universe, Volskaya Foundry, won’t be making a break from that tradition.

Giant. Robots.

First things first, there are going to be giant robots, a thematic addition that I’m just going to take on faith as universally beloved. Dubbed the Triglav Protector, these two-player mechanical monstrosities will descend into the Foundry after players succeed in taking control of various Overwatch-style capture points.

The first player to enter the mech will assume the pilot’s seat, taking control of movement and positioning, as well as crowd control and siege abilities centering around the robot’s mighty fist. The second player will take control of its giant gun, enabling them to bring the pain to the enemy team.

In an especially interesting, the mech’s gun animation will turn to face the current position of the controlling player’s mouse cursor, providing both cool visual flair and a predictor of where the mech’s targeted skills may appear next.

Like an airport, but without the crushing boredom

Each of Volskaya Foundry’s three capture points is encircled by a unique conveyer belt layout, boosting movement for players upon it in a single specified direction.

Littered around the map, these walkways introduce unique flexibility for map mobility, increasing the need for tactical thought when choosing one’s path. I’m looking forward to abusing knockbacks and pulls to disrupt the enemy team’s positioning, or, in the more likely outcome, using these to get ridiculously overextended far more quickly than usual.

Additional Features

But that’s not all that’s coming to the Nexus in the near future.

  • New Hero: Ana - The first of two Overwatch upcoming heroes, Ana will be joining the Nexus with the Volskaya patch.
  • New Hero: Junkrat -Following Ana’s trail, Junkrat will soon reach the Nexus as well.
  • New Event: Pachimari Mania! -Heroes of the Storm’s latest event will have players race around the map before the gates open to open up Pachimari Loot Boxes and make it rain Pachimaris – the adorable tentacle plushies from Overwatch. The event will reward uniquely a themed portrait, emoji, banner, and a spray.
  • New Brawl: Bash ‘Em Smash ‘Em Robots -Giant robots are too awesome to be constrained to just one map – this new brawl takes place in an S-shaped one lane Industrial District battleground. Each team starts with a mech and they keep on spawning for non-stop robot smashing action.
  • New Skins and Mounts - What would a patch be without new shinies?

Keep your eyes on Heroes of the Storm for the latest in the Nexus.


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