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GDC 2016 - Shooter & Survival Fans Rejoice

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Russia has been a hot bed for video games lately and more titles are coming out that really impress us. Escape from Tarkov bring some new elements to the survival sandbox shooter and has a lot of side systems to really bring players into the fold. If you like trying to fight over bleak landscapes full of factories and fog you will feel right at home with this game. If you like guns you will love Escape from Tarkov.

The game can be played in first person and third person view. The backstory is that Tarkov has become a lawless city, ruled my very well armed gangs in Russia. You are a mercenary caught in the conflict. There are factions to fight as well as great PvP maps for battle.

One of Tarkov’s greatest features is the huge and incredibly deep gun crafting system. You have access to a massive arsenal of modern weaponry. All of them can be modified in so many ways. We wanted to simply craft guns as we watched the demo. There are an endless amount of combinations which encompass ever gun around the world. Scopes, sites, silencers, all types of stocks and designs are at your fingertips, the system is very in depth and gun collectors will get hours of time just tweaking their weapons. The team described the crafting system as “Lego for gun nuts.”

Your character in the game is also customizable. You are given three main slots of gear with the backpack, belt, and pistol, along with your main weapon of course. You also have a set of skills and actions that you can use to boost your character. The game is a skill based system so the more you use something the better you get at it. It is not just combat skill you have to worry about, you also have to boost your mental toughness in the game. There is even a memory skill which helps you retain the skill you learn. This is critical because if you do not use your skills in the game, they degrade.

Between the gun customization and the skill trees Tarkov has a lot of depth to build your character. You can go as deep as you want and if you get frustrated just switch skills around and begin using news ones to build them up.

The game world is an open world industrial complex with a dynamic day and night cycle. The night cycle makes use of night fighting rules with items like goggles and flashlights.These are critical to the zones and sneaking around. The game is not easy by any means and bringing in the darkness makes it even harder for players. Tarkov does host a lobby where players can plan out that they want to do. It does offer raids as well as hardcore PvP matches.

The best part about the map is that the developers want people to explore. They are constantly hiding pieces to guns and equipment all over the place. It is a really fun part of the experience that they are very proud to show. So you are not just fighting it out with crazy gangs, you can search into the corners of the game and come up with some pretty great loot.

Escape from Tarkoz definitely will appeal to the shooter and survival fans as a fun experience, but also those looking for a more PVE oriented MMO version to play. This isn't just "yet another survival game", it's aiming to be a fully functional MMO for fans of both genres. The gun customization system is really amazing and will bring hours of crafting to any player who loves their firearms. Overall we’re looking forward to the game launch so we can battle it out in survival mode and explore the ruins of this once industrial giant of a city. Look for more previews as we continue to cover the game.


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