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First Impressions of Summerset

Josh Hay Posted:
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Oh boy! I’ve been enjoying the Summerset Beta, I won’t be talking about everything that I have done so far since we don’t have enough time for that. Instead, I really want to talk about things that have caught my eye and what I’ve done most. 

I would like to say that overall, I have been very impressed with Summerset. The Island and the city of Summerene is very well designed. I had a blast when I first entered the new zone just walking around and admiring the scenery. It was like that with Morrowind as well. Zenimax does an impressive job on designing these new zones.

After playing around with the questing and general things to do, I felt happy with the overall vibe of the new Chapter. My biggest takeaway from the beginning till now is that, if you have enjoyed Elder Scrolls Online already, Summerset will not disappoint you. I feel like, if you are looking for something “brand new” you might be happy with the new skill tree and still be left wanting more. I don’t say that to be a negative Nancy, I’d rather be completely honest with you all. We are getting new content, new skill line and a bunch of new things, but it’s not a whole redesign or anything like that. There isn’t a plethora of new systems.

One of the many things that I did like is the Abyssal Geysers, they function just like the Dark Anchors would, but I feel like “Abyssal Geyser” has a way better name for it.  Along with that, I think the enemies/monsters you see in Summerset is a breath of fresh air to me, you will see some familiarity throughout the zone, but I love the atmosphere Zenimax has provided for Summerset. Speaking with people returning to the game with Summerset and veterans, the overall response to Summerset has been positive.

Going into this Closed Beta, I knew I was going to be doing a couple of things right off the bat. I would not be playing most of the storyline quest, because I wanted to save that for official launch. I’m that type of person… What I wanted to accomplish is to get the general feel of Summerset and ponder on how it will fit with the rest of the game. In a sense I wanted to figure out if this was worth the price of admittance. In my next piece, I will be going in-depth on more of what Summerset has to offer. I know that can be a little disappointing but it won’t be that long of a wait for the in-depth analysis.

I will say this for right now though as a slight tease, the new skill line: Psijic is better than I thought it would be. Timestop and Meditate I have found extremely useful. I don’t know how I truly feel about Undo, the ultimate. Undo is pretty much does what it says it does. Your stats go back to where they were four seconds ago. A lot of people have been comparing this to Tracer from Overwatch. Overall, I am pretty happy with Psijic, however I do know some people who are disappointed with what it has to offer. Do not going into the notion that you are getting a new “Class” like last year.

It's one set of skills, not three. There has been a lot of comparison to that, which isn’t really founded. Overall, with everything I have said and played so far, Summerset feels worth the $40. If you wish to reserve your judgement for the next article where I will go in-depth on crafting and the new skill line and its benefits, I won’t blame you or you wish to wait till it’s closer to official launch.

Not saying more stuff shouldn’t always be added, but overall it has been a very positive experience and I am looking forward to tackling more of it and eventually Cloudrest when the rest of my guild is ready. I don’t really want to PUG it for now…

For part two next week, I will be going in-depth on balance changes and the new skill line. If there is anything you would like me to add or going into extreme detail with, please let me know. I will do my best to go through the list of demands and try to get as much information out as possible. Leave a comment below what you would like me to discuss in part two.


Josh Hay