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Fate of Arun's Bathysmal Rise Revealed

William Murphy Posted:
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Perhaps the most challenging new dungeon in Northern Arun, Bathysmal Rise is home to new bosses who employ a variety of new abilities and tactics to test teams of the most seasoned TERA players.  And we've got the exclusive first look and details.

Located in the region known as Ex Prima, Bathysmal Rise is the last refuge of the giants, a once powerful race of beings who conquered the world only to be struck down and taken out of power by the gods.  Known to the Baraka race as a step back in time to the heart of a long-dead civilization, no one really knows what the true purpose of Bathysmal Rise once was. The only thing anyone really knows is that it’s still watched over today by strange and vicious beasts and sentinels left behind by the giants.



What secrets and treasures are left to be found? You’ll be sure to discover them all when the Fate of Arun expansion for TERA launches and brings with it a raised level cap to 65, new quests, new zones, more new dungeons, skills, gear, and a new PVP battleground. Stay tuned to MMORPG.com for more.


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