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Exclusive - Fort Ardashir Reveal

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The Savage Coast of Turan adventure pack is intended to offer the proverbial ‘something for everyone’ in terms of its additional content. Not content to just add a huge outdoor area where players can find over fifty quests, and a explore a great new story based around the city of Ardashir, the pack also adds a wealth of new instanced content. Players will find a new level 80 solo instance, a new dynamic instance that scales to your level, a new level 80 team instance, and a new raid instance with three brand new encounters.

Today we take a look at the level 80 team Instance – Fort Ardashir.

Fort Ardashir is clearly visible when you first visit Ardashir, and dominates the right side of the bay that leads out into the Vilayet sea beyond. As with the rest of Ardashir, and Turan in general, the Persian influence is evident in the architecture and style of the fort and its environs. The ornate pillars, domes and walls of the castle create an imposing setting. This is clearly a fortress of a powerful military force.


Players will have found out a great deal about the military leader, General Arman, and this instance will present them with the opportunity to take him on first hand. We won’t give away too much of the story here, but the general is one of the central characters in the conspiracy that players will uncover as they work through the outdoor content in the city of Ardashir. Therefore by the time they come to re-visit Ardashir and take on the challenges offered by Fort Ardashir, they should have a pretty good picture of the role that the General played in the events that have lead the players to Turan.  


For this instance the team wanted to continue the great work that had seen the release of the new Paikang district team instances earlier in the year. With a focus on interesting boss encounters set in a great location. The fort itself is surprisingly varied and large without getting tiresome to navigate. As they fight their way into the fort, they will come upon the massive courtyard where players find the first boss encounter, Commander Kamangir, mounted on his formidable war Rhino. Complimented by his elite archers on the walls above, players will face a dual threat, trying to avoid his lethal charges, as well as the dangers of the arrows raining upon them from above.

Players will then fight their way down through the sprawling halls, and its defensive measures, defeat several mini-boss style encounters, and continue to push downwards into the depths of the fort.  

They will eventually find themselves in the secret cave beneath the fort that hides the Ardashir fleet from prying eyes, and will get to face General Arman himself. The General is in league with an ancient evil being channelled by an evil witch who has the general in her thrall. The players will have to deal with the general and his evil accomplice.

The instance plays a little more like a traditional dungeon crawl, with some short cuts to be found, and some interesting environmental challenges alongside the dangerous forces.


Fort Ardashir really wraps up the storyline of the Turan adventure pack in an interesting and compelling way. It will provide a pay-off for both those interested in the storyline of the Turan content, and for those who enjoy a good old fashioned dungeon romp with their friends. You will need to keep your wits about you as you try and infiltrate the military stronghold of Fort Ardashir.


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