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Exclusive: Closers - Seth Story Trailer

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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As Closers preps for Seth to pounce onto the scene September 10th, interested players can check out a new story trailer from En Masse detailing the origins of the Girl with Two Souls.

The combination of Anna, a failed UNION artificial Closer left to rot by the organization, as well as the deadly experiment Sekhmet, Seth is rage personified. Sekhmet's original goal was to take over Anna's body completely and lash back out at his their creators. Anna, deemed a failure by UNION because her body and mind was too frail to handle the weapons of dimensional monsters, was slated to be disposed of when Sekhmet made his move. Anna, however, had other plans for the two of them.

Anna's soul mixed with Sekhmet's rage created a new being - Seth - fighting their enemies with beast-like ferocity. You can check out the full story trailer below. Check out MMORPG's previous coverage, with exclusive images and GIFs of Seth here. If you want to check out Seth for yourself, you can pre-register and reserve your name NOW for FREE at En Masse's official site.


Full Disclosure: Closers is represented by Team CriticalHit, a games PR company co-founded by former MMORPG Managing Editor Bill Murphy.


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