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EVE Vegas 2017 - Project Aurora - First Glimpse of a Persistent Online Mobile Game

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Vegas is happening in the Entertainment Capital of the World and CCP Games dropped a bombshell for many of its attendees. Announcing “Project Aurora,” CCP Games and Play Raven showed the world the first glimpses of the persistent online mobile game set in the EVE universe the team has been working on these past nine months.

Project Aurora, simply put, is an online mobile game that takes some of its roots from the older browser-based games of the late 90s and early 2000s.

“In Project Aurora, players must work together to dominate the center of the galaxy, and become the most powerful corporation in the universe. Project Aurora will be a massively multiplayer   mobile   universe,   filled   with   epic   player   stories,” Play Raven details via a press release sent after the event.

Each player is in charge of their own space station and must upgrade its tech, research new tech and vie for resources and territory in order to survive against their neighbors. Project Aurora aims to bring a condensed EVE experience to mobile, giving players meaningful adventures and memories like EVE: Online has done for so many years.

Players in Project Aurora will be able to take part in tactical fleet operations, mining, exploration, research and the territory wars each day, giving a wealth of content of capsuleers to take part in any time they log on.

Project Aurora is slated to release in 2018 as a free to play mobile experience on both Android and iOS devices, and attendees here at EVE Vegas have been able to take part in a pre-alpha giving them access to influence the development of the game early on. We’ll have more hands on as well as an interview with Project Aurora developers in the coming days.


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