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Episode 17 Promises a Lot of Flash

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Jesse Benjamin Design Director & SJ Mueller Associate Creative Director were on hand late yesterday afternoon to talk about today’s DC Universe Online Episode 17 – Flash Legends. The third in a series of meaty monthly updates, Flash Legends will be available for free later today for Members with a general release to the Marketplace set for October 14th.

Flash Museum Burglary is a duo designed from the ground up to make it approachable for players. It’s a new environment map and, finally, players can simply walk up to the door and enter.

You start down in the basement of the museum and work your way to the top, along the way fighting ninjas and various mini-bosses on the way to the final destination. The duo is packed with some pretty amazing assets that include animated signage and more, some of which will eventually be made available in the DCUO Marketplace.

Being that it is a museum, players are treated to some nifty Flash lore. Entering any room along the way begins a voice over with the Flash speaking about what is in the room itself. Exhibits become part of the adventure, as does the gift shop, the effectual exit to the main boss fight at the subway stop attached to the museum itself.

Unholy Matrimony is the new operation that will be coming with Episode 17 and will finally give players the opportunity to take on Trigon once and for all. The battle will take place at Trigon’s throne, the place where it all began so long ago. This is eight player content that is some of the most difficult in the game and even comes with an elite mode.

“It is very, very tough.” Said Jesse Benjamin during the preview

As with all new content, there are new feats, new vendor gear, new dropped gear, new elite gear that can finish finally the affinity bonus with all 8 pieces put together.

All in all, this monthly update looks to bring a healthy amount of new content into the game. Let’s hope that Daybreak and the DCUO team can keep up the pace.

Will you check out Flash Legends when it goes live?


Suzie Ford

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