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Good morning gamers, and welcome to E3 week. MMORPG.com will be on hand to bring you every single ounce of information we can possibly get our hands on this week. We are very lucky to go to the show and hope to answer all of your MMO questions about the upcoming months and titles ranging into 2014. So much happens in the three days we are at the show that it is very tough to keep tabs on it all. Here is a taste of what we will be seeing this week to get you ready for the our coverage.

ArcheAge - It will be our first look at the Western build of the game. Trion should have a solid preview ready for us. We plan to fire back with a million questions on the game and should hopefully provide you with some answers you've been dying to know. It will be very interesting to see what Trion does to bring the game to the West and how well it is received. The  sandbox features are definitely the highlight and fans should get plenty of information when we meet with the developers.

WildStar Online – WildStar will be out there this week which is very exciting as the game nears it's launch. Carbine Studios have been great with giving information to press and fans;  keeping a very open door on development. Wildstar has a lot of depth to its many systems, so we will continue to dig deep with the team to answer all of your questions.

Elder Scrolls Online – We have gotten some solid updates from ESO recently, however the monster question remains: What is the price model? Last time we were with the ZeniMax Online team, there were some rumors about possible annoucnement around E3. I guess we will have to wait and see this week. Also, we really want a look at the other factions... Please?

Final Fantasy XIV – The revamp is here and players should be getting some solid updates from Square Enix on how this is going as A Realm Reborn heads towards launch. We will be sitting down with the team to talk fully about where the game stands and what steps they are taking in the future.

Wargaming.net – Any fan of Wargaming’s library will get a huge helping of information from this E3. The team will be highlighting Warplanes as well as a look at World of Warships trailer. Plus, there is talk that we will finally see their console game at the show and what Chris Taylor and team are working on. Wargaming.net continues to grow and stay true to their genre, so their fans should be excited this week.

DayZ – Dean Hall will be at E3 to answer questions and bring us up to speed on DayZ. There are so many fans excited for this game and the intensity level it brings to the MMO genre. Do not hesitate to post questions for us in the forums, we have a lot too, but the sooner the better on this one.

Sony Online Entertainment – SOE has a hidden card up its sleave for all of us. We all know it is there, and EverQuest Next remains the biggest MMO announcement coming this summer. Unfortunately we have to wait until SOE Live for that one. Still, Planetside 2 has plenty to offer fans and SOE continues to update all of its games with solid content. Hopefully we will see what's on deck for Dragon’s Prophet and possibly something new from DC Universe.

CCP – EVE and DUST go together like a horse and carriage. The updates being made to both games continue to enhance the decade old Universe. CCP will also have its battle arena dogfight game (EVE-VR) on the show floor for fans to check out. Our biggest questions here will be around the enhancement of both games. Last but not least, we will of course be asking about World of Darkness. With small teasers coming from FanFest, we may just get some information this month.

Snail GamesAge of Wushu tops the martial arts MMO list right now. We should get the scoop on where the game is going in the near future and what is in store for players. Also, Snail will be showing their highly anticipated steampunk title: Black Gold. This will be our first look at the game, and we are anxious to see if it plays as well as it looks.

HEX – These guys have done a great job on Kickstarter and offer up the first TCGMMO. Card Games are really big right now and if the money HEX received in support is any indicator we should see some great material from Cryptozoic.

DESTINY – The persistent world shooter from the folks at Bungie is the biggest MMO coming to consoles. Oh wait, sorry it is not an MMO according to the . It is a "persistent world shooter" with character advancement, online gameplay, and a sandbox environment. Yes we will see it and yes we will see gameplay. We cannot wait for this one. Maybe they'll announce its PC release and make us all happy!

That rounds out the official list of what we should have for you at E3. That does not include the endless meetings and rumors that we will find out at the show. The great thing about E3 is that it loads up the next several months for us as far as content on the site. Please include your questions and ideas below. We are there for the readers first and want to make sure that you get the most from the show. 


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