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E3 For Everyone Diary

Reed Hubbard Posted:
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Koltrane's E3 For Everyone Diary (page 3)

Day 3 - May 12, 2004

E3 is in full swing and so is Guild Wars. The population has jumped considerably and everyone seems to be enjoying the demo. I keep hearing positive comments from other players. Most complaints come in the form of, "I hope when the game is released they'll include..." The players realize it's a demo and are hoping it will be all they anticipate, kind or wishful criticism. We all see the potential in this title.

Tonight I tried the third mission. In this one, my team followed a prince of Ascalon about, killing monsters and freeing prisoners of war. There is a good bit of variety in the missions, but it's starting to feel like more of the same, at least to me, and my group failed the three times I tried, so I decided to move around the map a bit.

Travel between zones is accomplished through the use of a map page. You can open your map and travel to any available zone. Had I tried that last night, I wouldn't have had to refight level one, but I'm learning as I go, so call me stupid and let's move on.

First I went to the city to upgrade my skills. I have a bunch of gems I've recovered from various quests and I put them to use with my trainers. Trainers look at the gems you have and offer to train you in that skill for a cost. Although players are locked at level 15 for the demo, the experience does allow one to accumulate skill points. Your trainer will train you in the skill for some gold and some skill points. I had three warrior and three monk gems and each cost me 1 skill point and 5 gold. I used all my skill points and got some nice spells/abilities in return.

[RANT] When I entered the city, a tool tip told me that only in cities and outposts can a player change his button bar. I haven't really needed to change it during a mission, but I don't understand why players should be limited that way. Most people I know don't rearrange their button bars once they are set, but a player wanting to try out newly learned skills may decide that they are not for him. Too bad if he wants to revert to his old setup in a mission. This is a minor annoyance, but Arena went out of the way to mention it, so I'll mention that I think that limitation is dumb. I just don't see the reason behind it. [/RANT]

I've been itching to try PVP, so I took my upgraded Warrior/Monk to the Arena (no pun intended, I assume) and jumped into the fray. The Arena is a place where players can team up and fight 4 on 4. Teams start behind a big wooden door which opens after a few seconds to allow both teams to enter. Unfortunately, the battle area is rather tiny. My team of 3 melee/1 healer owned the battlefield, especially against ranged attackers who were forced to run for their lives most times. In such a small area, casters and especially archers are at a strong disadvantage, but it was still a good time. Hopefully, bigger PVP areas with larger team capabilities will be available at launch. (See, there I go with the wishful criticism!)

There is another PvP area where guilds battle for a keep. This is my next stop, but it will have to be tomorrow's stop. I'm really wanting to keep playing into the wee hours, but I'm still paying for the first night where I stayed up until 3:00, then spent another 45 minutes writing a blog entry for all you jokers.

Thanks a lot guys! :)

See you tomorrow with tales of keep battles, and some other things, I hope!


Reed Hubbard