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E3 2017 - What's In Store for the Balance of 2017?

Blake Morse Posted:
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Blade and Soul has been out in the US for a little over a year now and players have been responding quite well to the Kung-Fu inspired action of the MMO. While at E3 I got a chance to see what it has in store for players in the second half of the year and beyond. It turns out there are new characters, new missions and some brand new countries in their eSports finals.

First off, players will be getting a brand new class either this summer or in the early fall. The Gunner class is a much-requested fan favorite and it looks like the devs are just about ready to make a lot of fans happy. While I wasn’t able to get any hands-on time with the new character you can rest assured we’ll be seeing more about it soon.

I also got a sneak peek at the new upcoming dungeon, the Irontech Forge. Basically, the forge looks like a massive robot factory full of tech that would like nothing more than to see you exterminated. While a massive dungeon full of robots to beat up would be enough to make any adventurer happy, why stop there?

The Irongtech Forge will also feature the newest and baddest boss Blade and Soul has offered up yet. The dude looks like a massive, muscular brawler wearing an outfit that’s somewhere between outlaw cowboy and Flavor-Flav. Picture a ten-gallon hat, trenchcoat, and a little bit of bling. He’s also got some humongous gauntlets that look like they could mess someone up good.

Along with their most difficult dungeon ever to explore and a new boss to kill, players can also expect new gear, new soul badges, and new weaponry. There’s also going to be a major focus on new raid content for the rest of the year.

NCSoft was also very proud to announce that Blade and Soul’s eSports presence would be increasing this year. For the first time ever North America, Europe, and Russia will be joining the World Finals. Teams of three players from around the world will compete in 1v1 and tag-team matches to determine who’s the best from around the world.

Between all the new content and their massive World Tournament, 2017 is shaping up to be a good year to be a Blade and Soul fan. Players should expect to get their hands on the Irontech Forge content on June 28th. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on the World Tourney as it unfolds as well! 


Blake Morse