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E3 2005 Photo Gallery

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Images From E3 Expo 2005

They say a picture is worth a thousands words...and we agree! E3 is a time of stunning game booths, sexy booth babes and celebrity sightings. As the show progresses we will keep this gallery stocked with images for your viewing enjoyment!

Images from Friday May 20, 2005

Jeep's versions of Lara Croft Hold it right there! A Webzen girl flashes a gorgeous smile Webzen's booth babes were something else!
Candy and cute girls at the Dark And Light booth Konami was here in a big way Dark And Light showing off its massive world Time warp at the Classic Games display
Large E3 logos greet attendees Playing Imperator in the Mythic Booth Blizzard's immense booth Auto Assault dominates the NCSoft stage
SOE's Castle booth At this end of the hall...Imperator A MU Warrior guards the Webzen booth Giant soccer player dominate attendees at EA's 360 degree booth
Sony's booth dominates the south hall Koltrane gets his hands on the new GameBoy Micro Atari's Matrix banner welcomes attendees to E3 And at this end...Gods and Heroes
More Old School games The RYL smart card will allow users to earn cash Associate Producer Kyle Kessenich shows off RYL The RYL girls attracted lots of attention!

Images from Thursday May 19, 2005

Pirates of the Burning Sea: An Englishman surveys the town square Pirates of the Burning Sea: Down she goes as the pirates win another battle Caption Pirates of the Burning Sea: The French fleet awaits as an English 64-gun dreadnought approaches Destin Bales, Content Lead for DAoC, smiles for the camera
Title screen for Dark Age of Camelot: Darkness Rising Personal Mounts...Finally! EverQuest II at the SOE booth Hey look! It's Evil Kenevil!
Some of the Auto Assault booth with chinese style dragon show. The Batcar Ultimate Spiderman

Images from Wednesday May 18, 2005

A view in the Nevrax booth. A really good view in the Nevrax booth. David Cohen-Corval, founder and Creative Director at Nevrax and his beautiful assistant...gasp. Two Richards (Duffek and Garriott) at the Tabula Rasa booth (Smile, Kunou!)
A real life villain, Blue Lightning Head, shows up to see City of Villains I lost my heart to the girl from EQ2 Shot of Mythic booth after Warhammer Online announcement. Shot of Mythic booth after Warhammer Online announcement.
Shot of Mythic booth after Warhammer Online announcement. Don't throw stones: Players get hands-on in Turbine's glass booth Uncharted Waters Online. Japan only for now, but TBA in America in Europe Guild Wars is very popular with attendees
A view of the floor. Another view of the floor. Star Wars characters.


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