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Dive Into Adventure in Tower of Fantasy's Next Major Expansion 'Under The Grand Sea'

Steven Weber Posted:
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Are you ready to plunge into a whole new world with Tower of Fantasy's latest major expansion, Under The Grand Sea? Set to launch on March 30, this thrilling update by publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio will immerse players in an incredible underwater experience filled with new simulacra, challenges, and a stunningly designed environment.

Last week, we were invited to sit through a developer presentation of the next Tower of Fantasy update titled, Under The Grand Sea, which boasts a captivating new map, divided into three distinct layers. The Grand Sea Island, Innars City, and the Dragon Breath Volcano are all brand new locales that Hotta has added, each with their own distinct landmarks, and plenty of dangerous creatures to discover. Players can expect to encounter a diverse array of breathtaking underwater biomes, including a mesmerizing volcanic region and some gorgeously designed isles that the team showcased in several new videos. Hotta is quite well versed in making unique locales, and their completely underwater biome definitely shows off their talent for crafting something that's visually appealing.

To aid in exploration, diving equipment and special underwater vehicles will be provided for seamless fast travel. Some relics will not work under water, and the developers have added new ones to account for that. Many abilities will work differently under water. Wanderers will also need to keep their head on a swivel as enemies can attack from anywhere while under water, amping up the danger and providing new challenges. The changes were exciting despite my personal opinion that water-based combat is never really done well. Tower of Fantasy has made some ample changes to their combat in a way that might just make it enjoyable, especially where under water traversal is concerned.

The expansion introduces a few new simulacra to assist players on their journey. Lan, is a new character that arrived from an unknown dimensional passage, and claims to be from Domain 9.  Lan utilizes a powerful umbrella that bends fire to her will. Other new simulacra include Icarus, a frost type who can freeze water around him and wields a yo-yo style weapon. Finally players will also meet Fiona, the leader of Innars City. She utilizes dual blades and utilizes the altered damage type to defeat her foes.

As players work through the story to suppress the Hive Mother, who is gaining strength and has been imprisoned in a black stone prison to prevent her from destroying the world, they will face new world bosses like Abyssant: Haboela, a Behemoth Abyssant whose huge body size and ability to harness lava will require players to work together closely to take it down. Players can also look forward to underwater request missions and an exciting new 8-player instanced mission, Ring of Oblivion where they will battle Abyssant Eva. We were only shows some short combat videos of the boss battle, and it looks like it will fall in line with other world bosses that have become popular to farm for their character matrices. 

Under The Grand Sea has also brough along with it improvements to the joystick for PC players, enhanced UI, and optimized storylines for low-level players. In addition, the full Tower of Fantasy game, along with the new update, will be arriving on the Epic Games store this summer.

Tower of Fantasy is currently available for free on their official site, as well as on the App Store, Google Play, and Steam. If you’ve been waiting for the next big content drop for Tower of Fantasy, don't miss out on the stunning world and exhilarating challenges awaiting you in the Under The Grand Sea expansion!


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