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Disruptor Beam: Can Social Games Be MMOs Too?

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Online games have taken on many forms over the past few years. With the changes of platforms and technology the MMO as we know it has split into plenty of splinter groups. The online social game has become one of those groups and continues to grow. Mobile and Social developer Disruptor Beam has harnessed two of the best properties on the market right now and built up a network of solid gameplay which works extremely well in the social space.

Game of Thrones: Ascent

Unless you have lived under a rock for the past three years, you have heard of Game of Thrones. The books came out in the late 1990s and remain one of the top fantasy series worldwide. HBO was smart enough to adapt these books into a TV series which has blown the doors wide open and made the characters household names. Disruptor Beam has taken the world of Westeros even further and created a massive social network for players to live, build, and of course screw each other over in that deadly political game we have all come to love.

One of the big moves for Game of Thrones Ascent is to make the move over to tablets and phones. The technology of the mobile market is now allowing for much more complex games. It also expands the time that you can play them. Even though I am at work, I will be damn sure that my allegiance to House Stark is sealed before I go into a meeting. The game was playable on the tablet at PAX East and will definitely disrupt the work day of many players.

Disruptor Beam is also working on ways to expand the crafting system and make alliances easier to work with. The world of Westeros is all about who your friends are, even if they end up killing you at a wedding. Ascent looks to make sure players can work together and wage war against their enemies with a smooth system. Jon Radoff continues to work on the title to expand the massive world and is serious about the feedback from fans.

Star Trek Timelines

Another universe that is joining Disruptor Beam’s online world is Star Trek. Fans will be overjoyed that the word exploration was repeated many times during our conversation. The team has access to all the stories and timelines which gives them a huge playing field for the fans. Jon is looking for fan feedback on the game as a Trekkie himself he is very serious about how to handle the title. He also wants to make sure that the game is not all about combat and battle. Star Trek really is the explorer approach to space. There are methods of diplomacy which actually work better than drawing your phaser.

Jon highlighted the story, exploration, diplomacy, and yes battles in our chat, as elements which are important to every fan. That is the game they are building. It will also be a social place to play with your friends and family. Being on the mobile platforms will allow teams to work together no matter where they are on this world. We are looking forward to more from Star Trek Timelines as the year progresses.

Garrett Fuller / Garrett is the Industry Relations Manager for MMORPG.com. He cosplays as an orc, plays X-Wing on weekends, and loves Adventure Time. You can follow him on Twitter (when he uses it) @Gfulls.


Garrett Fuller

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