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Curse of Osiris Hands-On Preview Part 2

Blake Morse Posted:
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Remember the other week when I said we’d have more details on Destiny 2’s upcoming first expansion, The Curse of Osiris heading your way soon? Well, soon is here and we’re ready to let a few more details out from behind the NDA curtain. So, let’s take a look at the new hubworld and some of the extra-curricular activities you’ll be able to participate in.

As previously mentioned the new Lighthouse world hub on Mercury is basically a dead desert planet with a few statues and dead trees lying around that imply that the planet wasn’t always so desolate. But what we didn’t touch upon were the brand new public event or lost sector contained within the area.

The lost sector has kind of a Raiders of the Lost Ark vibe going on. It lies underneath the area in  a large tomb like structure that makes you think there might be a long lost Vex Pharoah buried somewhere in the remains. As with all lost sectors you’ll take on a slew of enemies and a larger, tougher boss to unlock whatever treasures were hidden within the sector. Unfortunately, you’re probably not gonna find the Ark of the covenant in there, so you’ll have to continue melting your enemies with hot lead.

The new public event felt frantic and enjoyable during my hands-on time with it. Essentially you have to stop the vex from coming through gates by destroying their conductors. In order to do that, you’ll have to kill tougher enemies then collect the orbs they drop and take them to the conduit areas for a good old-fashioned slam dunk. You’ll have to use air jump cannons to traverse from one side of the map to the other in order to shut them all down. And of course, there will be a hidden objective to activate the Heroic version of the event, but we’ve got to leave some things up to your own discovery.

Players will also be treated to a few new Strike missions to add to your playlist. They’ll be based on some of the story missions that you’ll face while playing through Curse of Osiris and will involve some new mechanics. For instance, you’ll have to keep your eyes open for cubes that disperse shielding to areas and occasionally some very large Minotaurs. Finding these energon-esque cubes and destroying them will be the only way to progress through certain areas.

I’m fairly certain that’s all I can really talk about at this point in time, but we’ll have a look at some other details for you in the coming weeks. And we’ve included some exclusive footage of us exploring the lighthouse area and playing the new Public Event. Hopefully it’s enough to tide you over until the next reveal. 


Blake Morse