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Curse of Osiris Hands-On Preview

Blake Morse Posted:
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It feels like just yesterday I was logging into the Destiny 2 servers for the first time and grinding my way to a power level of 305. But in reality, it’s been about two months since we all joined the fight to save the Traveller. Now that we’ve thrashed Ghaul and the Red Legion and (SPOILER ALERT!) the Traveller has reawakened there’s going to be even more problems focusing their site on our little corner of the universe. The latest threat heading our way will have guardians flying off to Mercury in Destiny 2’s first expansion, The Curse of Osiris.

To start off with, players will be treated to some new cinematics including a new intro segment that sets things in motion for your journey to Mercury. This is also the first time players will get a look at one of the most legendary Warlock Guardians to ever venture the cosmos. Without giving too much away, Osiris has stumbled upon something involving the Vex and he’s quite worried. Worried enough to send his ghost, Sagira on a quest to find help and sets the wheels in motion to get you to Mercury.

The planet is a dry, dead desert plagued with sandstorms and the remnants of a long-gone civilization. There’s a lot of middle-eastern and Egyptian inspiration to statues and structures that have been left intact, including the new in-world hub, the Lighthouse. That last spot is also where you’ll meet your new liaison, Brother Vance, a devout follower of Osiris’ teachings. Mercury is also inhabited by a new Vex variant called “Descendent Vex” that have a more circular or curved style to their designs.

On your journey to unite with Osiris, you’ll have to find a way into the Infinite Forest. The forest is actually a giant prediction engine that the Vex have been building and it’s definitely a unique area for you to explore and traverse. It’s broken up into section that are partitioned off by gates; some of which just open when you walk up and unlock and others which will require you to defeat enemies that have been labeled as “Demons” before moving on. The forest holds many mysteries and you will end up in some intriguing areas as you explore it, but we can’t speak to some of it’s more impressive experiences just yet.

The new expansion will of course come with a series of new missions, adventures, strikes, multiplayer maps, vehicles, equipment and a raid. But we can’t really get into the details of all that just yet. What we can say is that initially you’ll revisit all the original sectors (EDZ, IO, Titan…) as you prepare to head into new and unknown territory and help Osiris avoid a catastrophic event that we’ll be able to tell you more about really, really soon. You’ll also be happy to know that there will be a level cap raise coming along with the update, so get ready to bump your guardian up to level 25 and a new power cap of 330.

As I said,before we’re just peeking behind the veil here we definitely saw more of The Curse of Osiris and will have more details coming for you very soon.


Blake Morse