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Crowfall – Why Centaurs Make October Even Better

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Crowfall continues its month long promotion for October with another amazing GIF of the Centaur. The game that we started covering when first announced is now starting to show some terrific results. This week we spoke to J. Todd Coleman about all of the upgrades coming in October to the playable build as well as got a sneak peak at the war tribes system for monsters. Today, we share the some of the mechanics on the Centaur which is also a playable race.

Crowfall is starting to update its Throne War features which will give the PvP purpose throughout the game. As things continue to come together the team is showing off all the monsters and races in the game. The centaur is not only a playable class, but you will encounter groups of them out in the world as NPCs in your journeys. The centaurs bring a new animation to MMO adding in the four legs and taller build from normal characters. In this gif, you’ll see that the team at Artcraft is fully embracing the model.


There will be more monsters coming in the next few weeks. The team will be showcasing both playable and non-playable for everyone. The Minotaur, Guinecean, and Stoneborn will all see their week in the autumn sun.  At the end of the month, Crowfall will be releasing a full video for Halloween. As the game continues to progress, it is looking better and better.

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