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Crossout: Think Mad Max Crossed with Spore

Terry OBrien Posted:
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What's up everyone? Terry from MMORPG here at E3, just taking some time after a long day, to tell you about the most pleasant surprise I had at this year's show. Today we got to spend some time with a new title being developed by Targem Games and being distributed by Gaijin Entertainment, named Crossout.

First, a little about the devs: Targem Games is based in Yekaterineburg, in the Urals region of Russia. The studio has no small amount of experience in the driving game area. In fact, in 2006, their Hard Truck game took prizes in both “Best Action Game” and “Best Game Design” from the Russian Game Developers Conference.

Just one of the incredible vehicles you can create in Crossout

If you think Mad Max crossed with Spore and you will have a good idea of what this game is all about: design and build your own post-apocalyptic murder vehicle, then test it in arena-style combats versus other psychotic mechanics.

You start out in a garage with dozens of vehicle parts, and then combine them in a seemingly limitless number of configurations; all the while balancing weight, speed, firepower, armor, and any number of neat gimmicks. Ramming weapons, chainsaws, buzzsaws, multiple tire sets, tank treads, I think I even saw hover tech in there, along with the requisite machine guns, cannons, rocket launchers, etc. The sky really seems to be the limit as to what you can pack into your vehicle, before you enter the arena and, along with other enthusiasts, blow the hell out of each other in contests that quick: five or so minutes of furious action is all most vehicles can stand before one side, or the other, is destroyed. Then it's back to your garage to review your performance and improve your on your weaknesses. Combine pieces of gear to create rarer and better pieces, create something really awesome and you can trade it to other players, or possibly even sell it for real money!

This process isn't too painful though, as lovingly as your vehicles are rendered, equally detailed and animated is vehicle destruction. As the battle progresses you will watch, in great and fiery detail, the various parts that constitute your vehicle get blown off one by one. The effect on your vehicle is immediate and often disastrous, lose a wheel and your speed and mobility take a hit, lose a second and now you are limping across the battlefield, easy prey for anyone who takes the time to line you up.

As you can see from the screenshots, the game is gorgeous, the vehicle movement physics look very realistic, in a Hollywood, Mad Max kind of way, the sound effects are sufficiently solid, and meaty, and the explosions are awesome, with vehicle parts flying and fireballs blooming and dust and smoke billowing everywhere.

I went into this preview with no idea what I was in for, but the presentation we were shown left our group begging to see more. We think that Targem is really on to something special here, and Crossout has instantly become one of my most anticipated games, I can't wait until we can bring you even more details about this promising newcomer.


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