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Corsair’s Stronghold at E3 2013

Joe Iuliani Posted:
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During the recent E3 I had the opportunity to meet with good folks at EnMasse regarding some of the upcoming changes and additions to Tera.

With the anniversary of Tera just passing, the presentation began with a brief recap of where Tera currently stands. The free to play move has revitalized the game. Tera is nearing two million North American players. A point the EnMasse staff pointed out, is how much the players have helped shape the game.  Their focus is to give players a choice of what they want.  The game developers rely on the feedback they receive in order to change the game for the players. Keep those suggestions coming in; they are being received and acted upon.

The main focus of the presentation revolved around the upcoming update currently scheduled for July 2. We’ve been told there is a fairly large amount of content to download just around the corner. En Masse suggests monitoring the Tera website for pre-load information.  This update will consist of the Corsairs’ Stronghold battleground as well as an evolution of the political system. No details to the political changes were available at the time of the presentation; although I’m sure some will emerge as the release date draws closer.

As the name may suggest, Corsairs’ Stronghold is a pirate-themed battleground. Players will either be part of group of twenty members to either attack or defend the battlefield’s castle. The castle houses an “anchorstone” that attackers must ultimately destroy or successfully defend.

Attack methods will include:

  • Infiltration by ladder
  • Use of airship for bombing runs
  • Besiege by fire (tanks)

Defense methods include:

  • Cannons
  • Strategic placement and vigilance of players.

Perhaps the most significant element of Corsair’s Stronghold is that players can begin participating at level thirty. No longer will players need to wait until maximum level to contribute. The battlefield will equalize the gear of the players who have entered the battleground. How this will actually be achieved was unclear, but scaling systems are commonplace these days in MMOs.  Players not at maximum level will be able to participate in the battles for experience points, while maxed players will accumulate credits to spend on items.

Combatants will rely more on their skills to succeed, as opposed to just what items you have equipped.  It is the hope that relying less on gear and more on skill will add an element of “fair play” to the battlefields.  Teamwork will be essential in both the attack and defense of the castle.  Focusing too much on the front gate assault may allow attackers to sneak in the back via ladders, for example.

Some other elements on the plate for the expansion will be focusing on Class Balance as well as streamlining downloadable content for the game.  A future thought being kicked around is to continue to work with Twitch.TV in regards to some “how to play” videos. According to EnMasse the initials tests are going well.

Excited about the new content and changes? Share your thoughts with your fellow Tera players in the MMORPG forums. 


Joe Iuliani