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Weapons of Mythology: New Age just recently entered its second closed beta period. Being published by the Spanish company IDC/Games, Weapons of Mythology is a free to play (F2P) fantasy MMORPG with classic content for both PVE and PVP fans alike. Today, we’re taking a closer look at what the game has to offer as it nears open beta.

Weapons of Mythology is set during the period of Chu Han Contention, but as a fictional take on ancient China the game focuses on two rival sects: The Zhan and the Jie, serving different kings, and fighting for the ultimate ancient Relic. Meanwhile, the evil Morkans seize the opportunity and rise from the underworld to cause havoc across the land. In times of war and chaos, the one who wields the Relic will be the only true savior. That, of course, is you… and your friends and enemies spread throughout the world.

Weapons of Mythology is a traditional MMORPG with tab-targeting combat, epic story-based questing, dozens of dungeons, PVP battlegrounds, tons of mounts, pets to go into battle with, and large scale PVE challenges as well. Guilds benefit from a deep levelling and progression system with unique abilities and guild wars as well.

An example of Instanced PVE in Weapons of Mythology

Combat, while featuring a traditional tab-targeting control style, adds flavour with a unique relic-based system that adds extra abilities to your characters and opens hundreds of potential combinations to make your characters your own invention.  PVP, in addition to traditional battlegrounds, has a DOTA-inspired mode where players can climb team and solo league ladders.

The second beta test is ongoing now for Weapons of Mythology, and you can grab your own key here on MMORPG.com.  You can find more information on the game over at their official Facebook page, or the game’s website as well. 


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