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Closed Beta First Impressions

Ralph Whitmore Posted:
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We all know Maple Story 2 CBT has started and as a long-time player of the first Maple Story, I was lucky enough to get the chance to play this and do a first impression. If you liked the original Maple Story you may like Maple Story 2. I'm going to give you a rundown of my thoughts and things I noticed in the beta.

Before we continue let me note, that beta is by no means a representation of the final product. The game even tells you at the top of the screen while playing. With that that said let us now discuss, these our first impressions.

If you've read any of my articles you will know there is one thing I am passionate about: Character design and creation. Where MS2 differs from MS1 is that character creation allows for much more customization including changing hair lengths and even positions of some hair options and facial tattoos. Also in the area of character customization, we can dye our outfits and weapons. For me, that is a most welcome change.

Speaking of customization, there are tons of customization options in MS2. You can now not only make your character look awesome with cash shop items or ones found in game, but you can make your own designs to wear. As an artist that is big for me. Customizing your own house interior is also a thing as well as getting a plot of land to build something on. Land plots cost a pretty penny, but it may be well worth it to do so show off your design and building skills or if you just want to make something that causes people to wonder "What?" You can do that too.

The 3D landscape does take some getting used to. Seeing that it was 3D, I thought the controls would differ from MS1, but they are still the same and work pretty well with the new style. I did have difficulty during one of the minigames when I had to race towards the camera. To traverse these maps mounts are still present. Flying mounts I feel could use a way to go down instead of just rising to the top. As of right now in the CBT, I have found no way to drop except to release the mount and re-mount midair. Again this is not the final product so I have no idea if it will change when it releases.

The big thing I noticed is that MS2 has auto looting that does not require a pet or any sort of special item. All you have to do is configure the option in your inventory and you are good to go. I am overjoyed seeing this.

Another thing that has changed a little is the skill tree. It is still the same in regards to investing points but from the looks of it, I wonder if we will be able to invest skill points max every skill like in MS1. 

I am hoping that down the line the Kaiser class will make an appearance as that is my favorite from Maplestory. The mechanic is my second, but I feel like that has become the Heavy Gunner class that is in CBT, but I don't know for sure. It is just an assumption.

Maple Story 2 has kept all the charm, cuteness and comedy of the original all while presenting the world of Maple to us from a different perspective. With lots of customization options, auto looting (with no pet), great story, and fun mounts I am looking forward to the release and to dive deeper into the game. I feel if you like the original side-scroller you owe it to yourself give Maple Story 2 a try when you are able to.

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