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Chronicle IV Preview, Part II

Laura Genender Posted:
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Part two of three looks at the world introduced in Chronicle IV

Along with the many new class changes discussed in last week’s article, the upcoming Chronicle 4 update — a massive 800 meg free expansion — brings new areas, towns, and castles to the world of Lineage II. The map size is increased by roughly 20%, spreading upward into the lands of Elmore and nearly making a connection with the Dwarf and Orc Starting towns. The update includes two towns, one castle, and many new and unique hunting areas.

The two new towns, Goddard and Rune, are under the control of Goddard Castle, an impressive looking iron fortress built into the hills. Goddard’s siege techniques vary somewhat from the other castles of Lineage II; while most castles have one castle altar that defenders must protect and attackers must gain control of to take over the castle, Goddard has two. To conquer the castle, attackers only need to control one altar…but if the defenders keep possession of altar two, they can easily retake control. The castle also has an extra layer of defending doors, making it harder for attackers to fight their way in — a necessary game addition with the new Noblesse siege attacker skills!

There are twelve new hunting grounds: Varka Silenos Post, Ketra Orc Outpost, Wall of Argos, Imperial Tomb, Hot Springs, Forge of the Gods, and Garden of Beasts near Goddard and Devil’s Pass, Valley of the Saints, Beast Farm, Forest of the Dead, and Swamp of Screams near Rune.

While many hunting areas and quests have been a bit repetitive in Lineage II, the Chronicle 4 update shows a step in the right direction with more diverse environments and quests. For example, the Varka Silenos Post and Ketra Orc Outpost are located in the same general area. As players go to fight in this area, they can choose which faction to side with. Once a player choose their side, the NPCs of their faction will given them quests and send them out to fight the enemy.

At the Hot Springs, players must fight various animals and monsters that have the potential to spread a disease to their attackers. At first, the disease’s effects are not detrimental, but as time goes on players will begin to feel the effect of the debuff more and more. The only cure for the disease is finding a special, hidden healing spring in the area. Nearly all of the new hunting grounds have fun little differences like the two listed above; players will have to explore and evolve their tactics to fight these new challenges.

Separate from the new Goddard and Rune hunting areas is the Dimensional Rift. The Dimensional Rift is an instance-like zone, where parties will travel through different rooms, completing mini-quests and being teleported onward to the next room every 8 to 10 minutes. The quests completed inside of the Rift are unique and can be important in helping you later down the line… for example, in one room you have to save a little girl; if you are successful and the little girl lives, she will buff you for your next battle. When players first arrive at the Rift they are in a waiting room, and their party must wait in line if the first room is already full.

Though the idea of waiting might turn some players away from the Dimensional Rift, the rewards and experience are high and well worth the wait. Also, at the end of the Rift players will run into a very special raid boss. Killing this raid boss, or the fearful dragons Antharas or Valakas, is the only way to receive a 13th level crystal to put a special ability on a high grade weapon.

If the name ‘Valakas’ doesn’t sound familiar to you — don’t worry, he’s new, too! Valakas is the new fire dragon, located in the Forge of the Gods area near Goddard. Valakas is a difficult and challenging fight, just like the earth dragon, Antharas, but the Lineage II team has faith that he will be defeated before the next Chronicle goes live. You can see more of him here.

Again, many thanks to Mike Crouch (NCSoft PR Manager), Adam Davidson (Lineage II Producer), Tim Tan (Lineage II Associate Producer), Sam Han (Development Liaison), Brian Hudson (Lineage II Event Coordinator), and Jason Ford (Lineage II Event Coordinator) for their time and expertise.

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