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Checking Out the New Munitions Power Set

William Murphy Posted:
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Yesterday we were able to catch a livestream with the DC Universe Online team at Daybreak Games, focused entirely on the brand new Munitions power set coming to the action MMO in the next couple of weeks. Based around obscure heroes like Sgt. Rock, Munitions is all about the firepower.

A shoutout to Sgt. Rock and the 80s Action Heroes from film, Munitions will have players whipping out bazookas, rocket launchers, mini-nukes, lasers, and all sorts of high tech military weaponry.  Munitions will also serve as the game’s latest Controller stance power set, which means it’s also vital for group content as the Controllers focus is on CC and power restoration (basically the equivalent of DCUO’s support classes). 

There are two skill trees, Guts and Glory.  Guts focuses more on conventional weapons like machine guns, bazookas, and all of the stuff you’d expect to see Sgt. Rock using, while Glory goes more future-tech like ATOM or OMAC.  The weapons and tech are not akin to your actual “weapon” choice though, so you’ll still be able to use shield, rifle, staff, etc as your actual weapon. 

But what really makes Munitions a different beast is its mobility. Most DCUO powers lock the player’s movement when going through the animations. Munitions players will be the game’s most agile power users, as almost every power can be used while moving. Running and gunning is the name of the game, and when combined with the new Rocket Jump power, we’re expecting Munitions to be really powerful and useful in PVP situations too.

There’s also a mechanic with Munitions called Bullet Frenzy.  As you keep rolling out your powers ones after the other, you stack Bullet Frenzy for increased damage output or power regeneration if you’re in controller stance.  There are a couple of interesting ultimate powers like The Biggun: a giant laser which pretty much decimates everything in its path or the Mini-Nuke… which is exactly as it sounds.

Now, unlike previous DLC packages, Munitions will be sold separately in the store. As a part of the game’s new “put content out when we have it” philosophy, the power set will be a one-time purchase for accounts, at a cheaper cost than the usual $10 DLC pack.  In fact Creative Director Jens Andersen reminded us that from here on out, powers, weapons, movement modes, Legends characters, and the more traditional content packs will all be released as a la carte items. Legendary Members (subscribers) will notice no difference in access, but this way free players can pick and choose what pieces of content they want.  Only have $5 and want the new power? Fair enough.  Just want a new weapon, but don’t need or want all the other stuff? Go for it.

Munitions is looking sharp, and actually has me itching to dust off my PC or PS4 account when it launches in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to DCUniverseOnline.com for more info as it becomes available.


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