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Beyond Infinity - Something For Everyone

Michael Haro Posted:
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Starting September 18th, you will be able to step into Rift's Patch 2.4: Beyond Infinity. The development team at Trion is very excited about launching a whole new dungeon in the realm of the Fae, a Chronicle featuring Laethys, and TWO new 20-man Raids. If that isn't enough, then you can also look forward to new Player vs Player (PVP) gear and weapons for rank 90. Additionally, Patch 2.4 will offer Cross-Shard instant adventures, new Barbershop hair options and brand new event items! The Autumn Harvest event that will offer a Halloween theme where you can select costumes, such as a horse, unicorn, and duck head masks. Furthermore, we were able to see a preview of a handful of boss encounters from some of the new content.

Patch 2.4 brings a new dungeon called Realm of Twisted Dreams.  It  is a five man dungeon in the nightmare realm of the Fae. This dungeon is said to provide a challenge for level 60 experts only. The Ascended must travel deep into the lush green forest where Maelow the Rockstar awaits. The overgrowth and vines of the forest are sure to keep any groupie at bay. You may try to run out of his leafy domain, believing freedom is in reach, but with a swift summoning of additional greenery, the vines pull you back into the center of the plant to make sure you won't be getting away from Maelow! Further down the path is a large clearing, filled with frogs and a huge green Life Dragon. His appetite for the Ascended is at an all time high, but he will also settle for a big helping of those frogs in the pond before him. Running up and kicking these brave sacrificial frogs into the belly of the purple fire breathing dragon will calm his hunger, for a short time. This is just the beginning, though, as he makes his descent onto the small pond where the battle for who's going to be whose meal begins. If you manage to not end up as lunch, a trek deeper into the forest will reveal a dark cavern with skulls, rocks, and roots. The next foe we encountered is a fight against Lord Twyl and Atrophinius, offering trips into the nightmare. Portals into the nightmare realm will spawn, and a decision must be made.  You can avoid the portals, and forsake their aid; however, if you choose to utilize them you are given increased damage dealt, for the price of increased damaged taken. The choice is yours!

There has been a lot of anticipation for the next Chronicle's release. The Chronicles have been very popular and fun challenges that require a fewer number of people than a normal dungeon party. Trion has finally answered with the Infernal Dawn Chronicle. In the Infernal Dawn Chronicle, the Ascended traverse into an alternate universe that will explain what would have happened if Laethys was never defeated. The first encounter takes place in a huge cavern, against Maklamos the Scryer. He stands upon a pillar and will throw different colored bombs at his foes. Standing next to the correct color shard will lessen the damage taken from his bombs. Once Maklamos is defeated, the Ascended continue deeper into the lava filled cavern, and up some steel walkways to an airship. It is your group's goal to bring the ship down by destroying its shields and engines. The Captain, Rusila Dreadblade, guards the ship and doesn't much appreciate you trying to destroy her ship and foil her plans. You will have to constantly move from large round, saw-like discs, or be cut to ribbons. These discs spread out all over the airship deck and will try to prevent you from bringing the vessel down. The final encounter of the Infernal Dawn Chronicle is Laethys, a very large golden armored dragon with razor sharp claws and area of effect (AOE) attacks, who resides in the back of the cave. She rests, gorgeously armored, high on an arch above, but drops down to destroy the intruders of her realm. Throughout the fight, Laethys will shed different portions of her armor,revealing her true form.

The Inifity Gate is a 20 man raid that connects Talara other plains together. With three orbs connected to a large beam in the center of the room, the Ascended control the gate, and are able to summon three different bosses. The first orb summons Breaker X1, a boss with many adds to defeat while fending him off. The next orb will open the gate for the Swarm Lord Twins Mordan and Viktus. This fight will bring you upon two different platforms, Life and Death. Here you will have to split up into two groups, taking on either portal entrance. While fighting, you will notice that you become debuffed, each stacking up and making you weaker to the Life or Death elements over time. Each group will have to swap constantly, using portals to travel between the two platforms in order to clear the debuff. The final orb summons Karthan, a huge juggernaut that will shed his armor as you fight him.

Planebreaker Bastion, the second 20 man raid, will be opened in the near future. This raid is deep within the earth leading down towards rushing quick sand and rock walkways that break off into different wings. On your adventure down you will be fighting numerous bosses such as Inyr'kta the Hive Queen.  She will summon large swirling rocks and light walls to dodge through. You will also encounter large worm bosses that require harpoons to sling yourself at them or towards the adds they spawn. One of the final fights will be against the Council of Overseers. Ascended must defeat each Council member on their platform, and jump to the next platform before the dying council member completes their channel and destroys the platform. Failure to make the leap to the next platform before it is destroyed leads to certain doom. After the Council members are destroyed, their spirits come back to haunt you, in an attempt to defend a monstrously huge armored unit that has been slowly activating as you fought your way up the platforms.

All in all, Patch 2.4 has a huge amount of content coming for players to enjoy. Whether you are interested in Raids, dungeons, PVP, or in game events and holidays, there is sure to be something that will excite and entertain! Have you been playing Rift?  Will this big update bring you back?  Let us know in the comments!


Michael Haro