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Behold the Cold - Polaris Coming Soon!

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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Things have gotten a bit chilly in the Spiral! Wizard101 recently released the brand new world of Polaris to the test realm. After a series of clever propaganda type teasers, the hype for Polaris was tipping the scale! Luckily, Polaris is cold … and I’m not just talking about the weather!

Why Polaris is C.O.L.D.

  • Comes with a long awaited feature. Have you ever been in a battle desperately needing that ONE card, but instead keep drawing pesky wand hits and other gear cards? Fear not! With the new deactivate card feature, wizards can pick and choose what item and pet cards they don’t want to appear in battle. Not only does this allow for more efficient decks, but it also opens the door for players to use pets and gear pieces that they may have been discouraged from using before because of the cards they came with.
  • Over the top story. Polaris puts a comical spin on key events and aspects from both the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution. If you look hard enough, you may just find a quick reference to the American Revolution as well! Be prepared to dive into the time period and giggle at all the cute puns and voiceovers. However, before wizards get entangled in the revolution, they first get the opportunity to graduate from Ravenwood. This was a bittersweet moment for most players, but it will lead to many more adventures ahead. After all, players will have new learning to do in the Arcanum with new friends, teachers, and spells!

  • Learn new spells and reach a new max level. That’s right! With the Polaris expansion comes the new title of Prodigious, which is achieved at the new max level of 110. At level 108, recent Ravenwood graduates will be able to train brand new shadow enhanced spells from the Arcanum scholars. Notable new spells include Snowball Barrage, an ice spell that rivals storm’s powerful Tempest; Wings of Fate, a life spell which will attack all enemies and heal all teammates over 3 rounds; as well as Nested Fury, the new balance spell which deals fire, ice, or storm damage to all enemies. Without a prism, Nested Fury will be a game changer for balance wizards fighting balance enemies.
  • Daring dungeons. The new instances in Polaris will have players visiting interesting places and battling in peculiar situations. How does dueling on ships, underwater, and in icy caves sound? Not to mention that there are quite a few bosses that don’t play by the rules. Be on the lookout for a snowman ambush and some not so lifeless statues. Wizards will also get to challenge their minds solving puzzles within the Kennels and Sunless Shrine. Beware of liars and a poisoned blade!

Beyond Polaris

Although Polaris is the focus of the fall update, there are also four other new features that were brought into the mix.

  • Yum, bread crumbs! Players can now choose the path that their mounts and pets take within their houses.
  • Catch of the day. This feature brings a new way to earn a ton of gold in a short amount of time whenever players catch the fish deemed the “Catch of the Day.”
  • Put your fish wrangling to the test in fishing tournaments. So, you think you can fish, huh? New fishing tournaments allow players to showcase their fish whisperer skills in a new competition every week. Each tournament will focus on either small fry or whopper catches. Do you have what it takes to stay at the top?
  • New critical and block system. In an effort to make battles more fun, exciting, and fast paced, Kingsisle is changing the way critical and block are calculated. The critical and block adjustment will affect players of all levels, and will hopefully make PvP more balanced.

What do you think of the new Polaris update? Let us know in the comments!


Vanessa Mythdust