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Behind the Dominion’s Cassian Race

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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We had the chance to sit down with Chad Moore, who is the Lead Narrative Writer on Wildstar. Chad has the good fortune of expanding the sci-fi universe for the game and working with such concepts as the Eldan and the Planet Nexus. This week we asked Chad to focus on the Cassian race in the game.

The Cassians are a very entitled, arrogant race. They base this on a higher intelligence and being one of the first to develop intergalactic travel. It was because of this that the Eldan selected them to found the Dominion. Seeing it as a birthright, the Cassians are true believers in the Dominion and its cause. They also see planet Nexus as their own because of their relationship with the Eldan.

Chad explained that there is a very deep emotion to the Cassians and why they feel that they are entitled to Nexus. So the race is not just viewed as aristocratic, but also as passionate about the power that was given to them by the ancient Eldan.

In building the game out Chad explained that they wanted races to be very unique. He views planet Nexus as if we humans discovered the lost city of Atlantis and how the  world’s nations would fight over its riches. The Dominion is definitely a shaky alliance with three very distinct races coming together for a common goal. Still, the Cassians work to keep order and expand the control that the faction has.

It is in the backstory that players will discover all the great plot lines about planet Nexus. The Cassians definitely play a role in finding out what secrets the Eldan left there. How the story will ultimately play out is up to us to discover as we travel through the world of Nexus. Chad wants to make sure that as much action and combat are part of Wildstar, there is also a very strong sci-fi story element that makes up the full picture. Every race has a role to play and expects to find their dreams at Nexus.

We also spoke with Chad about the Draken and Mechari races, but those backgrounds will be coming for you next week so stay on the lookout as we continue talking about the races of the Dominion.


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