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An Elite Challenge ­ Pirate101 Test Realm Coming Soon!

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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Avast! There’s something on the Pirate101 horizon that is inching closer and closer to port. Pirates have been eagerly awaiting new storyline content for some time now, and it appears their wishes will be granted soon enough! Concept art and screenshots teasing the long­awaited storyline update have been abundant this week, and we have an intriguing one of our own. 

KingsIsle has given us an exclusive first look at two armada elite that have previously only been seen in concept art or the fan­favorite puppet shows: Kane and The Queen. 

Kane has quite the reputation, and according to the Spiral’s many rumors and previous sneak peeks, he is said to be “smarter, stronger, and faster than any living being in the Spiral.” While what is known of Kane and the Armada might be worrisome, perhaps what is most troubling is the unknown. The Queen is shrouded in mystery. Not much is known about her other than being an elite member of the Armada. 

Senior Producer of MMO content, Leah “Professor Falmea” Ruben, confirmed Book 15 in her latest producer’s letter, and it will be “packed with revelations, resolutions, and rapscallions.” A great adventure awaits story hungry pirates and with it some closure. “There will be answers, lots of answers, and of course, more questions too in the thrilling conclusion to the first story arc.”

Gear up for the Test Realm because it’s promised to set sail very soon. For more information, keep your eyes (or just one eye in Captain Hande’s case) peeled on the Pirate101 Social Media accounts.  


Vanessa Mythdust