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Alvir’s Legacy Launches Today

William Murphy Posted:
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Today marks a big day for Trion’s Action MMORPG. Devilian’s getting a big new patch in the form of Alvir’s Legacy. With an increased level cap, new dungeons, new gear sets, new PVP currency, and Alvir artifacts, there’s a lot to be checked out when the patch goes live later today.

First off, the level cap is increasing from 54 to 56, on the way to the eventual cap of 60 coming at later down the line. Right as they log in, level 54 players can expect to find 4 new heroic and hell mode dungeons. One we were shown was pretty gross, to be honest. But not in a bad way. Bugs, bees, slimy honeycombs and vile pestilence littered the Glimmermire, and it can as always be cleared solo or in groups. There is also one new Archdevil dungeon, and a brand new dungeon type – the Heroic Archdevil which is sure to challenge even the hardcore-est of Devilian’s player-base.

But what do you get for all your hard work? Well there are several new high level armor sets for PVP and PVE, including the Blaze Armor, Dark Knowledge armor, Wicked Soul armor, and Sacred armor. And folks who like to PVP more than dungeon crawl in Devilian are in for a treat too. There’s a brand new PVP currency which will all you to earn Victory Certifications and obtain unique cosmetic items from partaking in the PVP battlegrounds.

Artifacts, one of the core ways in which to upgrade your character’s end-game loot, are also getting a boost in the form of Alvir artifacts being introduced in 1.4. These will be obtained all over the game world and in the new dungeons and will allow players to tackle the new endgame challenges.  

There have also been some nice changes to the leveling flow, involving the Infinite Hunting grounds and getting players to actually use them more often both as leveling content and at the endgame open world zones. New characters created in the game are also going to get Support Medallions, a new type of leveling currency that can be exchanged for unique items to help push them along to the elder game with less grind.

All in all, it seems that Alvir’s Legacy is going to be a stellar upgrade for Devilian, and it lands today on the live servers. 


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