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Adventure Quest 3D - Breathing New Life Into an Old Favorite

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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There are many titles that go back a long way in the online space. Adventure Quest has certainly been around for a long time. The first version of the game came out in 2002 during the golden age of MMOs, or B.W. (Before Warcraft). The game had found a huge following because it was an online based web game which made it easier for players to join. As years went by the team also created Adventure Quest Worlds which was released in 2008. The game did very well in the MMO space gathering millions of players and many fans still play to this day. Now the team at Artix is ready to launch Adventure Quest 3D which will bring in the third generation of the game with updated graphics, an all new design, and the same MMO gameplay that fans love.

Adventure Quest 3D is made by the same core team who worked on the series since the beginning. It has been six years in the making and they are excited to share this new edition. The game takes a lot of the player feedback over the years and is implementing plans with their fans on board. With new plot lines and story arcs, AQ3D also features a host of new villains to do battle with.

One thing that really impressed us was how smooth the cross-platform play looked. You could play on your PC, Android, or iPhone (tablets as well), and never miss a beat. At one point the team switched to the phone to play and logged out of the computer with ease. Another area which makes life better for players is the ability to port to your friends where they are in the game. This travel code can be used quickly to get into the action fast.

Fans will quickly enjoy the open world exploration in the game. There are also instances to check out with your friends. Quests are easy to pick up and all work towards the greater story of the game. There are normal modes and hardcore modes for instances. If you die, you have to make sure someone in your party can resurrect you.

As for character building, AQ3D has two great features. The first is the sidekick system which allows players of low level to join their more experienced friends. This breaks down the barrier of having to play catch up to join your groups. Now, you can just jump in and not worry about levels separating you. The game also has a multi-class system which you can mix and match which classes you may need for any given adventure. So if you happen to have the healer class on your roster, you can swap to that if you party needs one. The classes break down into three groups as well. For example if you have a paladin class you may want to specialize into an undead slayer or simply stay as a heavy tank.

Another feature which has been a fan request for a long time is creature transformations. Players will be able to change into wolf form or become other creatures in the game. The team is still hard at work on this, but wanted to get the word out that it is planned for this new version.

The Adventure Quest team is determined to have updates for the game on a consistent basis. Something they have been able to do for a long time. Bringing new content to the game is very important to the team as players will enjoy updates almost on a weekly basis.

The only bad news is that the game will be entering beta this summer. So you will have to wait until then to check out the beta. Full launch is expected to be within the year though so you won’t have to wait too long.  But the good news is that if you've ever bought anything in Adventure Quest or AQ Worlds, you already have early access to AQ3D. Same goes for if you've backed the Kickstarter, or purchased a $25 founder's pack for AQ3D. So if you really can't wait for a more inclusive beta, you can play right now via one of the aforementioned ways. We have always loved Adventure Quest over the years and it is great to see this new version coming, and with cross-platform play to boot, it's poised to be a great addition to a growing list of mobile MMOs.


Garrett Fuller

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