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A Walk Through AA 4.0 'Maelstrom'

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Two weeks ago, we caught up with the Trion Worlds, Archeage Producer Amanda “Amary” Fry and Seraphina “Celestrata” Brennan (Associate Producer) in preparation for a December 6th ArcheAge 4.0 Maelstrom launch that got pushed back to December 13th ensuring a solid build. Today Senior Producer, Merve “Khrolan” Lee Kwai also took much appreciated time to answer further question which you can find also on MMORPG but warning, there might be spoilers!


Western Terraces and House spinning

As soon as I sat down with Amary and Celestrata I was so excited because we logged into the latest mansion coming with 4.0. This is the only “new house” arriving offering Western styled architecture as opposed to the Eastern styles we received in prior updates. Quoting this, as it’s not actually a new house but an upgrade of the Nuian stone mansions. Housing addicts will also have the long awaited ability to rotate houses that come with a 30 minute cooldown and fixed tax certificate price, opening up an exciting way to redecorate or troll your neighbors!


While we toured this three story beauty we also touched on the lore of Dahuta who is prominent in this ocean swirling Maelstrom update before moving onto 4.0 system upgrades.


Achievement seekers can now rejoice with a dedicated title folio that not only lets you know what titles you do or don’t have, but also where to get them. On top of this, as you collect titles you also collect seals that give you icons to highlight your title collecting awesomeness but the most innovative feature with titles is the ability to mix & match them with stats or wear your name only with pride yet still have a titles stat you have collected.

Raid recruit, lunagems & obsidian crafting

New to content or not in a guild? No problem, there will be a new recruit system in place to find and create raids! On the fence about returning to ArcheAge because of frightening regrading flashbacks? This one is for you! The new gems will 100% socket, without fail however with this in mind each gem will cost 500 labor and more gold. The ArcheAge official blog has an in-depth look at this system along with old to new conversions but wait there’s more! Obsidian crafting is also getting some love when upgrading any Obsidian gear t5 or t6. The official procedure explains this system best knowing wording needs to be absolute for something so important!


Very welcome clean-up of currency see’s the retirement of Warrior medals and Merit badges.

  • Warrior Medals will become 100 honor each
  • Merit badges will become two gilda stars

Kyrios medals is the new currency for you to spend on the arena shop while more honor choices are in place including the opportunity to also purchase gems and regrade charms.


Raid capacity increase

Currently raids can be filled with 50 capacity, this remains in 4.0 but with an XL twist allowing the leaders of two raids to combine leadership coordinating their co-reaid of 100. 


Cross Server

Let me reiterate that there are now no fresh start servers so every server will be lining up against each other in the arena queue.

Blood Salt Bay

This is next level fun, new content that has me clinging to my fantasy of airship pvp.The best way to explain this map is to play it as 3 - 5 others try to help you on your ship to  purify souls  in the swirling,  raging waters pitted against others 3 other teams on this 20 player map. 


This update is jam packed with so many small things that I am sure many of us will be discovering them for weeks to come. My own personal priorities for 4.0 come with terraces and titles. I’ll have my eyes buried in  Folio’s so I may consider a plan to continue gearing but most excitedly I can now transfer my old character to my ex-fresh start server and yes I cannot wait to spin my house every day, because I can!

Happy ArcheAge 4.0 folks and thank you Amary and Celestrata for hanging out and filling me in on everything Maelstrom!


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