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A Space-faring Voxel Sandbox

Benjamin Murray Posted:
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Stellar Overload is a 3D online multiplayer sandbox game about adventure and building. Once called Planets3, Cubical Drift’s flagship title is a voxel builder at heart, but also unique with its Science Fiction setting, quest-based gameplay, and multiple planets to venture across. Progression is tied to the story to start but as the quests teach you about the world, the more the game opens to you. If you follow the story you can help your people by exploring, fighting, crafting and shaping the worlds around you. And yes there isn’t only one… The game offers multiple planets to travel to and claim as your own!

Each planet offers unique areas that can’t be found anywhere else. Inside of caves, in dungeons, in towns or in many other areas of the world. The game offers quests filled with adventure or new places to build. Building in this game is simple, the breaking of blocks is all done via one tool, no need to clog your inventory with tools, save room for the good stuff (tons of materials and unique weapons!). Placing any of the 100+ unique materials is quick and easy with each material having multiple shapes allowing more detail in your builds, no more blocky builds.

Even if you're a bad builder Stellar Overload offers use of the Steam Workshop, allowing you to pull inspiration or even whole creations into your game. Everything from dungeons to bases, you can easily upload your own creations (or download your favorites) to share with friends or anyone online.

The questing system helps you get your bearings in the game and teaches you about the worlds you can explore. It helps you get set up on the main quest (which you don’t have to complete if you’d rather wander) and helps with showing you the wild and varied worlds. From grassy plains to desert to thick jungle to alien forest to snowy tundra and more, the game does an incredible job of offering lots of content and keeping each area beautiful.

If your computer can handle max graphics (see here - suggested at an Nvidia 970), I highly recommend turning it to the maximum. The game has plenty of content already, while still being some ways off from final launch, and offers a nice take on the overflowing sandbox voxel building genre. The game looks and plays well, if you have the computer for it. And the experience is made even better with friends.


Benjamin Murray