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A Fun Beta Test! Give 'Second Galaxy' a Look (SPONSORED)

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ZLONGAME released its first beta test for “Second Galaxy,” a new open world space mobile game. As a game with science fiction at the forefront, this game combines classic sci-fi game design with the characteristics of other mobile games in order to allow more players to quickly understand the mechanics for an enhanced overall game experience.

“Second Galaxy” is similar to “Eve Online” where players can build their own ships and travel in space. However, compared to “Eve Online’s” high level of complexity, “Second Galaxy” simplifies the contents of the game, especially the in-game tutorial, making this game easily for new players to join. This is done without reducing the volume of content players can experience. “Second Galaxy” contains a large amount of background story and a complex system players can already see in the beta test. Players will gradually learn about the core of the game as they continue playing.

As a sci-fi game with intergalactic battles, “Second Galaxy” also contains various types of spaceships. There are four main leagues in this game and each of one has its own complete technological model of a spaceship. Players from different leagues can only update their gear early in the game, but they can fly all the spaceships by playing the driver license test.

This game also has systems for players to socialize and talk with each other. Players can create a group with their friends and form their own team. After a team grows large enough, it can join the battle for in-game territories. For players who enjoy playing games by themselves, they can also explore the universe on their own.

 “Second Galaxy” has many planets and galaxies, as well as unique wormholes that create several parallel universes for players to enjoy while exploring. These wormholes will randomly appear in different planets, that contain a large amount of blue map, materials and random events. Players can also treasure hunt with their ships, but there is a chance that all of their ships and treasure can disappear.

In its current beta test, “Second Galaxy” has shown it is a high quality as a mobile game, with a theme and gameplay in line with what sci-fi gamers love. If players want a taste of space battles, they can try it out now and look forward to the game's launch.


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