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Pox Nora Articles

PlayStation 4 Version Arrives Today

Desert Owl Games has announced that its CCG, Pox Nora, is now available for PlayStation 4. Console players will have access to all of the content that is currently available for PC as well as a special "Ironfist Inquisition's" deck just for logging in.

29th Expansion, Planar Disturbances, to Launch July 27th

Pox Nora will be updating for the whopping twenty-ninth time on July 27th with the arrival of Planar Disturbances. The expansion will bring forty nine new runes (cards) into the game that include thirty two new champions and two limited-edition runes alongside twenty new abilities and a quest line that reveals a dark threat.

Spirits Beyond Expansion Adding 51 New Runes

Desert Owl Games has announced that the next PoxNora TCG expansion will be released on Wednesday, March 30th. Called "Spirits Beyond", the expansion adds fifty-one new Runes and twenty new abilities and mechanics to the game.

Ronin Expansion Trailer

Pox Nora's 24th expansion, Ronin, is now available! Along with many new changes and improvements to this collectible, turn-based, tactical, online fantasy game. This adds 64 unique new runes in total with many new abilities to the battle for control of Poxathuru. Visit poxnora.com for more info!

New Expansion Announced

With over twenty million battles, PoxNora has shown big success. To add to the growing popularity, Desert Owl Games has announced that a new expansion is incoming. "Ronin" is primarily a PvE expansion but new PvP action will be included as well alongside fifty new champions.

The Game I Should Have Played

I remember seeing PoxNora at SOE Live a few years ago. At the time, I was excited to get an initial look at PlanetSide 2, which was then in the later stages of development. PoxNora had been around for several years even at that time, and I remember thinking that I should go check it out, but I didn’t. Well, I corrected that former mistake this year at PAX South, and I was pretty impressed by what I found.