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Population Zero Dev Diary Looks at Last Refuge

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Poorna Shankar Updated: Apr 2, 2020 6:55 PM Posted: Apr 2, 2020 6:54 PM
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A new Population Zero dev diary looks at the Last Refuge and how it plays into the narrative and gameplay.

The dev diary involved Creative Producer Denis Pozdnyakov and Game Designer Julia Melnikova as they looked at Last Refuge. The Last Refuge is described as the most important location on Kepler due to its purpose providing energy, shelter, and storage. You’ll be able to meet other players here to craft and grab quests.

In PvP, the Last Refuge actually becomes the only safe haven for you. Here, you won’t be affected by thirst or hunger. And you’re also unable to receive any damage, or damage other players, while inside the Last Refuge.

If you’re unfamiliar with Population Zero, you’ll have 168 hours to repair the reactor on Kepler, restart your hibernation pod and save yourself from the Sphere’s devastating radiance before the long night. It's due to launch on May 5, 2020, on Steam Early Access.


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