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Latest Population Zero Dev Q&A Covers Customization, Player Gathering Spots & More

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Population Zero Reddit has been updated with the second in a series of community questions for the developers. As with the first round, this week's installment covers a wide array of topics including secret locations, whether or not the interface can be customized, factions, building and much more.

What faction will I meet in the game and what are their relationships?

Currently, we have two factions in the game, which every player can choose from — Xenobiote and Technocrat. They have different styles of gameplay, crafting mechanics, perks.

In addition to these two fractions, there are also interim types. In Population Zero death is not the end. Rather, a new beginning. When a player dies, he is resurrected but his DNA changes a bit. He mutates and evolves. At some point in time, every player has to decide, weather they want to remain human or give in to the nature of Kepler.

Hereafter a player will be able to transfer into interim form again by complying (non-complying) with specific terms. Exploring the planet will lead colonists to meet other factions as well.

Check out the full Q&A on the Population Zero Reddit.


Suzie Ford

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