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Pokemon X/Y Overview

Pokemon X & Y are 2013's releases in the long-running Pokemon series. A blend of strategy, action, and RPG the series' debut on 3DS came with several new customization options for player characters, minigames, and brand new social features. The player, a young trainer setting off on his or her first big adventure, will travel through various towns, capturing and training Pokemon. Along the way, as with other games in the series, the player will challenge resident gym leaders for badges with the goal to become the ultimate champion trainer and collect the various Pokemon in the world. These new games featyre city travel and battles in 3D for the first time, along with anime-style animated story scenes. FEATURES
  • Catch, Train, and Battle | Play as a young trainer on a journey to catch, train, and study Pokemon around the lands. Train your Pokemon up and form teams to battle other trainers in the game and via the game's social features. You can battle others around the world.
  • Brand New Pokemon to Catch and Evolve | Latest generation of Pokemon games adds 70 new Pokemon, including the introduction of Mega-Evolutions, which are new evolution paths that also apply to some older favorites.
  • 3D Battles & Exploration | For the first time in the series, you can battle Pokemon and explore cities in 3D.