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Pokemon Go Articles

Writing the User Manual for the Future

Pokemon Go has literally taken the world by storm, generating over $200M in its first month of service. As with any widely accepted new technology, the game has tweaked the consciousness of gamers and non-gamers alike, often in very different ways. We're going to take a look at Pokemon Go and what it means to augmented reality games in the future and how gamers can help write the 'user manual' for times yet to come.

A Survival Guide for Would-Be Trainers

Nintendo and Niantic have scored a major hit with their new mobile app Pokémon Go but there is one thing you really need to know before you get going. Read on for Rob’s expert advice.

The Social Beauty of Pokemon Go

Like so many of you, we’ve been playing Pokémon Go a lot since it launched this week. And we’ve noticed something pretty amazing happening around the game… it’s got millions people playing together, in real life, as strangers. Pokémon Go has essentially become the world’s biggest MMO in a matter of days.