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Pocket Legends Articles

New Update Sports Tons of Content

Pocket Legends has been updated with a huge patch bringing a host of new content into the mobile MMO. Included in the latest update are new dungeons, a brand new boss fight, a new PvP map and much more.

Expansion Announced & Halloween Happenings

Spacetime Studios has announced that its flagship title, Pocket Legends, has expanded. The expansion includes a level cap increase, new quests, areas and drops. In addition, the team has a nifty code for players to redeem.

Celebrating 2 Years With Free Stuff

Spacetime Studios has announced that heretofore premium areas in Pocket Legends will be free for players in celebration of the game's second anniversary.

Cross Platform Play a Reality

Spacetime Studios has broken one of the hard and fast "rules" for cross-platform game play with the release of the PC client (via Chrome) of both Pocket Legends and Star Legends. Players on PC, Android and iDevices can now game together in their favorite Spacetime MMOs.

Unbound Gamer Takes a Look at a Mobile Classic

Unbound Gamer, one of the MMORPG.com network sites, has a new review of Spacetime Studios' Pocket Legends. Pocket Legends is one of the best MMOs for mobile platforms and Phil Bickle has taken it through its paces. Check it out at UnboundGamer.com!

Nuri's Hallows Expansion Released

Spacetime Studios has announced the release of a brand new content expansion for its mobile MMO, Pocket Legends. Called Nuri's Hallows, the expansion brings a lot of new things into the game including a level cap increase.

Optimized for PLAY - In-App Billing

The latest build of Pocket Legends is going to be bringing in a few new features. First, the game is going to be optimized to be played on the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, however, the game will also be adding Google in-app billing.

World's First In-Game Flash Mob: "Find the Droid"

Apparently, the team at Pocket Legends had exactly the Droid you were looking for during E3. The largest mobile based MMO, at more than 4 million downloads, Pocket Legends invited players to participate in the in-game event as a promotion for their port to the Android mobile system, and gave away more than 11,000 Sony Xperia PLAY themed items while they were at it!

New Changes Coming in Mid-April

As soon as Apple approves the patch, Pocket Legends will be implementing patch 1.7.1, that'll include improvements to the character creation, new faces and something amusing entitled, "The Fart Pack".

Android Gaming Has Arrived

An interesting article found, by way of Spacetime Studios, over at PC Gamer about the emergence in 2011 of the Android system for serious gamers. Where the iPhone had previously dominated the mobile market for "actual" gaming, it seems that players of Pocket Legends may disagree as they reach for their Android mobiles. Check out the article.

1.7 Preview

Version 1.7 is coming to Pocket Legends and the team over at Space Time Studios have given us a break-down of the content that 1.7 will be bringing for their mobile players. Check out the details!

Holiday Update

Spacetime Studios has announced that its MMO, Pocket Legends, has been updated with some holiday cheer. The update features new quests, loots, and combat areas sure to fulfill your MMO cravings this Christmas.

Droid Version Now In Full Release

Spacetime Studios has announced that it has conquered yet another platform with the official release of Pocket Legends for Android devices. During the beta, over 125,000 Droid downloads were recorded. Pocket Legends is a free-to-play MMO that crosses multiple platforms including iOS devices. To celebrate the release to Android, Pocket Legends devs have created a spiffy new video showing off their love for the little green 'Droid. Check it out!

Four Platforms, One Server

Pocket Legends holds a unique place in the MMO industry: It spans four different gaming platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android and PC) but has players sharing a single server and gaming together. Carolyn Koh caught up with the Spacetime Studios team to talk about Pocket Legends in an exclusive article from sister site, Game On Mac. Check it out!