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Gaming Unscripted – PUBG Edition

Welcome to the first of a new line of articles where we will discuss my impressions of a different game every other week. We will explore different types of games from Battle Royale, MMORPGs, Adventure, and much more. So let’s get started, shall we? Gaming Unscripted has commenced.

PUBG On XBox One - How Did THIS Happen?

Jumping into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One this week, almost immediately I was met with something that just didn’t look or feel right. Having logged over 150 hours on the PC version, I went into PUBG on my Xbox One X expecting the same fevered gameplay with the obvious compromises consoles bring with them - controller in a reactive shooter, 30 frames per second and a reduction in visual quality. What I got, however, was worse than you could probably imagine.

Why Are We So Bad?

I mentioned a recurring theme this week with our PUBG matches. We had a rash of Chicken Dinners last week, so the Rule of Three decided to kick in and start hampering our progress in PUBG again. Crashes would abound this week, hindering our progress. Yet we did the majority of the damage to ourselves thanks to our inability to decide where to land at the outset of the game.

This Update Sucks!

Joe (Ralph) is possibly the best PUBG player in the Tawdry Ballz eSportz League. And it makes sense: he’s the only one in our band of brothers with actual Marine training. However, one thing has plagued him in PUBG: The solo chicken dinner.

PUBG Journal – Waving, Map Markers and Yes, That Actually Happened

Back in the early days of gaming with the Tawdry Crew, Shank and I realized that pretty much every game we play we can truly live out our South Park – World of Warcraft fantasies. In the Episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft,” Randy learns first hand that waving might be detrimental to his health.

PUBG Journal: The Tawdry Ballz eSportz League ESL Audition Tapes

Imagine a team of PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds enthusiasts that is so inept that the only way to believe their ineptitude is to witness it first-hand. Imagine a team where if any could go wrong – it does. Imagine, if you can, a team of PUBG players who needlessly drown when able, only to still achieve the much lauded Chicken Dinner at the end of a match.