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Wizard101 - Exclusive Spring Test Realm Peek!

A Sneak peek into an upcoming mythical foe in Wizard101!

Seth Koenig Updated: Posted:
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Good news wizards - the Wizard101 Test Realm is rapidly approaching, and we here at MMORPG have an exclusive sneak peek at a new golden skeleton key boss that will be entering the depths of The Wizard City Catacombs - which can only mean one thing, it’ll be quite a challenge!

In the depths of The Wizard City Catacombs - you’ll come across Fellspawn, a monster so devious he was to be locked away ages ago by the Druids. Now, however, the only thing stopping Fellspawn from havoc is a skeleton key lock! Legends have it that the Fellspawn was a survivor of the First World, others believe he’s a bi-product of the creation of Shadow Magic, while some skeptics believe this foul demon is just a myth used to scare young wizards all over the spiral. 

If you possess a Gold Skeleton Key – and friends with the intestinal fortitude – you can enter the Fathomless Tomb and determine for yourself if the Fellspawn is real or not. This mythical creature, along with various other updates, will be coming to the Wizard101 Test Realm soon!



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