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Why Are Players Looking Forward to Trinity?

Jon Wood Posted:
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EVE Online - Why Are Players Looking Forward to Trinity?

The MMORPG.com hosted EVE: Downtime Sucks chat has been a huge success. While we had so many players gathered in our chat room, we decided to ask them why they were looking forward to the Trinity expansion.

Starting on Tuesday night and running straight through until Wednesday night, MMORPG.com has been hosting a chat in our IRC channel on Coldfront. The reason for this unusual chat is the 24 hours of downtime that CCP needs in order to update their server with the highly-anticipated Trinity expansion.

Trinity, which hits the game when the servers return on Wednesday evening, is a free expansion that many of EVE’s players have been looking forward to for quite some time. The crowning glory of this expansion is a full and quite honestly astounding graphical upgrade if the screenshots and videos that we have seen are any indication.

A new look isn’t all that Trinity brings to the table for fans of the space-based sandbox game. The expansion will also include new ships, new content and a slew of other odds and ends that promise to expand the already popular universe’s player base.

During the 24 hour chat, MMORPG.com asked some of the attendees what exactly they were looking forward to about this expansion:


1) EVE has proven for a while they have a very efficent and powerful server, it is in fact the most powerful gaming server on earth, right? Some companys would be like, "It's already the best, why should we improve it?" CCP has already done a great job, but they still push themselves to improve the game, and they will probably keep doing this for a long time.

2) The graphic changes have brought the graphic intenisty in the game to the front of the line in the gaming world. Not only its it impressive to the eye, it is expected to perform well. One or the other is great, but having both is just awesome.

3) They have yet again intoduced a new line of ships. They have done this in the past before, but this time they have taken it to the new level. They have a tech 2 capital class, the first of its kind, this is the begging of high end capital warfare. They have even introduced the first line of tech 2 battleships, Blackop Battleships in particular are expected to be one of the most complex tech 2 ships out there.


Amastat: You mean - "The graphical improvements finally bring the game upto competitive standards in terms of HDR and texture detail. The usual drawback of performance loss when graphics engines are updated seems to have been avoided and this is a winning combination"

I saw some animations in the trailer that I am looking forward to seeing. I only ever saw that on the mining barges before.


I'm looking forward to stability and better multicore support


The graphical upgrades are definitely what everyone is looking forward to (or resenting, depending on their systems) but im mostly interested on how the pvp will change with better graphics and some new features coming in, it should be very interesting, especially the whole controlling regions and such with the covert ops battleships slipping behind enemy lines. Also, the heavy intridictors (cruiser versions of the intridictors, aka, HICs) seem that they might bring a couple new things to 0.0 gate camping, but not too sure on that.

Jump freighters will have a big impact on the big alliance vs alliance or corp vs corp pvp, especially in 0.0 as i guess they would be much easiert to transport large ammounts of good without having to take stargates and such Overall, though, the most impact on the pvp, pve, anything in the game will be the graphics upgrade, some people have explained that they have a lot lower frame rates while outside the station (some lower then 10), however others get higher then 40, the trick i hear is to lower the shaders which doesnt have a big impact on graphics but has big boost in frame rate.


Lots of stuff, the graphics are certainly a big part of it, but it's also what they will be able to do with the new graphics engine. It removes a lot of limitations that they had with the old engine. I'm also liking what they are doing with the corp recruitment. It should make it easier for new players who are looking for a corp to find the right one for them. I probably won't get into the new t2 ships for awhile as the prices will be astronomical, but will probably look at them later, especially the EW frigate and HIC cruiser.


Can't wait to kill a T2 freighter


Best addition: New T2-Frigates for our Newbies. Something not too expensive but very usefull to have in a gang.


I'm looking forward to the new possibilities of gang, and fleet based combat with the new shiptypes introduced with the trinity expansion. Not to mention the massive upgrade in graphics that will make Eve Online even more attractive than it already is.


What i look forward in Trinity is the new and shiny graphics and the new tech 2 battleships, which i hope will bring me nice marketing opportunities :)


I'm looking forward to the possibilities of destroying all ships deep in the enemy territory with my new Black Ops Ship.


I can't wait for the new exploration sites they're adding for trinity.


I mainly just want the graphics. And the drone updates. I'm glad that drones are no longer retarded, and am also glad that I can move the drone window around finally.


I'm just looking forward to the drop in non T2 BS costs with the increased chance to invent as well as the option to pick the outcome.


Jon Wood