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PlanetSide 2 Articles

What’s Next for PlanetSide2?

We had a chance to listen to Matt Higby and Tramell Isaac expound on some of what they’ve been working on over the last couple months with PlanetSide 2, and what we should expect to see in the next several months with the game. When they led with new loading screen art, I started to get worried. Needlessly, as it turns out.

Esamir Unleashed

Last week, Sony Online Entertainment partnered with MMORPG.com to bring our readers the first ever look at the Esamir map. Today we've got a full preview of the location and some of our thoughts about PlanetSide 2 overall. Read on and then add your voice to the comments!

Taking a FragTour with the NC

We recently had a chance to sample one of PlanetSide 2's three factions, the New Conglomerate, and today we're bringing you our after-action report!

Bootcamp Exclusive Preview

PlanetSide 2 has quickly become one of those "must watch" games around here at MMORPG.com. Our own Ripper X recently had the opportunity to check out PS2 during Bootcamp. We've got an exclusive first look at PlanetSide 2 that you will NOT want to miss! Keep reading!

E3 2012 Hands-on Preview

One of our team's predictions for E3 2012 is that death would be a frequent visitor when playing PlanetSide 2. We've got a full hands on report on whether or not that actually happened. Read on and then leave us your thoughts in the comments!

First Look Preview

Our lads at GDC 2012 this year were treated to the first ever look at a dev-driven demo of SOE's upcoming MMOFPS, Planetside 2. Does the game look like it has what it takes to make PS2 a household name? Find out!