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Reminder, PlanetSide 2's Desolation Changes Go Live This Week

Significant changes are a'coming

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In case you missed it, the changes to Desolation are set to go live this week for PlanetSide 2.

In short, anything related to terrain, base flow, and Desolation are set to receive major changes. Keep in mind, however, the following is all a work in progress and is subject to change. See below for full list of changes coming to Desolation:

  •     Major revisions to terrain have been made, including additional cover in open fields.
  •     A unique, new capture point building now surrounds each capture point.
  •     Combat flow near and within each capture point has received major revisions.
  •     Desolation Obelisk has received a new model and FX.
  •     Desolation Obelisks now glow faction colors when captured.
  •     At the end of the Outfit War, skybox now changes, continent now locks, and rewards are doled out.
  •     The victorious outfit in an Outfit War now receives a free Bastion Fleet Carrier (this reward is mostly a placeholder that will be changed later.)
  •     Warpgate regions now properly prohibit enemy players.
  •     Warpgate bases now have a Desolation Cortium Silo, which is stocked at the start of the match with 75,000 Cortium.
  •     Cortium held within Cortium Silos will not decay over time while on Desolation.
  •     Desolation Cortium Silo will recharge nearby construction objects and terminals.
  •     Airpads now have an icon on the map.
  •     Fixed the fake, uncapturable capture point marker that could appear beneath the ground at the center of the map.
  •     New ambient audio has been added to Desolation.
  •     Fixed LOD ranges on Desolation Command Centers.
  •     Desolation 2d map has received new visuals.


Poorna Shankar

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