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PlanetSide 2 Articles

Planetside 2 Escalation Looks To Build On 7 Years Of  The Experience - Interview With Rogue Planet Games

Planetside 2 is gearing up for one of its more ambitious updates yet when its escalation update hits PC on the 26th of February. Bradford had a chance to sit down with Executive Producer Andy Sites and Wrel from Rogue Planet Games to talk the longevity of the Planetside franchise as well as how Escalation looks to the past, present and future of Planetside.

PlanetSide Arena Is Relentlessly Chaotic - In A Good Way

PlanetSide Arena, the new battle royale game from Daybreak Game Company, is endlessly chaotic. Take a look in this hands-on impressions and interview with its lead designer.

Chatting All Things PS2 on PS4 With Luke Sigmund

We recently caught up with PlanetSide 2 lead designer Luke Sigmund to discuss the upcoming PlayStation 4 version of PlanetSide 2.

Playstation 4 Q&A with Executive Producer Clint Worley

With the beta for the Playstation 4 version of PlanetSide 2, we wanted to find out more what SOE has in store for players. We chatted with Executive producer Clint Worley to find out.

2nd Anniversary Q&A with Matt Higby

With Planetside 2 a healthy two years old, we had the opportunity to interview Creative Director Matt Higby about the anniversary and what is coming next. Check it out!

Implants are the New Hotness

Implants are the new hotness coming to Planetside 2 tomorrow, the big new itemization and crafting update that’s been long awaited in SOE’s blockbuster MMOFPS. We caught up with the folks on the design team to chat about Implants and what effect SOE hopes they’ll have on the long-term progression system for the MMO.

Looking Ahead with Higby at PAX East

We recently caught up with PlanetSide 2's Matt Higby at PAX East to discuss SOE's plans for the game this year. From Hossin to the Outfit captured bases, there's a lot coming to PS2 over the next few months. Read on!

The Lucrative Way to Play

We met with SOE’s Planetside 2 team recently, specifically Art Director Tramell Ray Isaac, to chat about the game’s ongoing progress, PS4 development, mission system, Hossin map, but mainly the sheer astounding success of the Player Studio. Player Studio allows enterprising and creative PS2 players to make items for sale in the game’s cash shop. In doing so, they get a cut of the action.

Amerish & Mission Updates with Tramell Ray Isaac

We recently had a chance to catch up with PlanetSide 2 art director Tramell Ray Isaac to discuss all of the awesome things coming to PlanetSide 2 this month.

Matt Higby on the World Domination Series

PlanetSide 2, Sony Online Entertainment's ambitious MMOFPS, has been consistently improved and expanded since launch. We caught up with Matt Higby to talk more about the game, about competitive gameplay and more specifically: the World Domination Series. Read on!

Hossin and Nexus Revealed at SOE Live

We caught up with the Planetside 2 team during SOE Live to talk about the game's new Hossin region, and the future of PS2. Read on for more info.

Player Studio Comes to Auraxis

Today, SOE is pulling the veil off a brand new feature for MMOFPS Planetside 2: the Player Studio. Already present in EverQuest, the Player Studio will allow enterprising and creative gamers to create and sell cosmetic items in Planetside 2 for real world money. Read on for our conversation with Art Director Tramell Isaac to find out what you can make, how it works, and how you can make some cash from your creations.

Players Site and More with Higby

We recently caught up with PlanetSide 2 creative director Matt Higby to discuss the just launched PlanetSide 2 Players Site and more.

Esamir Unveiled

PlanetSide 2 has PvP players around the world excited for its non-stop action. In an exclusive interview with PlanetSide 2's Trammel Ray Isaac about Esamir, a new never-before-seen map. We've got the goods about Esamir including screens and concept art. Check it out!

New Conglomerate Interview

In the final installment of our PlanetSide 2 faction interviews, we managed to catch up to Creative Director Matt Higby to talk about the New Conglomerate. See what we discovered and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.