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PlanetSide 2 Articles

Our Chat with Tramell Isaac

We caught up with Planetside 2's Tramell Isaac during this year's E3 to talk about all things MMOFPS: from the vehicles to character progression, to beta, the newly announced iPad app and more!

Empire At War E3 Trailer Released

Sony Online Entertainment has unveiled the E3 trailer for PlanetSide 2 and is also encouraging players to head to the official site to sign up for beta testing. Check it out!

Twitch.TV & TotalBiscuit to Stream During E3

TotalBiscuit and Twitch.tv have announced that they have signed a partnership to live stream PlanetSide 2 during this week's E3 convention in Los Angeles.

Air Combat on a Massive Scale

Sony Online Entertainment has released a new trailer showing off what they are calling "air combat on a massive scale" for PlanetSide 2. They have released a brand new trailer with plenty of in-game footage. Enjoy!

Live Stream with Matt Higby & Tramell Isaac This Friday

The FPSGuru.com team has scored a huge interview for this Friday, May 11th. Beginning at 3:00 p.m. PDT, the FPSGuru.com team will be on hand with Planetside 2's Creative Director Matt Higby and Senior Art Director Tramell Isaac. You can get all of the details at FPSGuru.com.

Lightning Tank Detailed

The PlanetSide 2 page has been updated with new information about the Lightning Tank. This light weight tank is a first line of defense for players with its one-man crew and fast maneuverability and is available to all factions.

FPSGuru.com | Interview with Matt Higby

Michael Bitton gets the chance to interivew Matt Higby just after the Future of Online Games Panel at PAX East. Matt Higby is the Creative Director on Planetside 2. Bitton discusses various questions you probably have such as how important resources are, conquering different areas, and basically whats going on right now in development. Check it out for yourself at FPSGuru.com.

Alpha Game Play Footage Released

Sony Online Entertainment has released a new collection of game play goodness from PlanetSide 2. The action comes courtesy of the alpha client, with this trailer being shown during the recent Game Developer's Conference. Check it out!

FPSGuru | Exclusive GDC Interview & Preview

During this week's Game Developer's Conference, the FPSGuru.com editors have had a chance to check out Sony Online Entertainment's PlanetSide 2. See what they discovered in a pair of articles at FPSGuru.com.

Sky Lance Weapon Detailed

Sony Online Entertainment and the PlanetSide 2 dev team have released a new trailer showing the progressive design of the Sky Lance anti-air weapon prototype. Sky Lance was created to combat Galaxy hot-drops on friendly facilities with a single shot.

Nanite Systems Vehicles

The PlanetSide 2 team got together to create and publish a brand new video podcast that shines the spotlight on Nanite Systems Vehicles. Matt Higby talked with Game Designer Kevin Moyer and Senior Art Director Tramell Isaac about vehicles including the Sunderer, the Lightening, the Liberator, and the Galaxy. Enjoy!

The Liberator Detailed

The Planetside 2 site has been updated with a new vehicle, the Liberator. Basically, the Liberator is death from above, a flying vehicle with downward pointing guns to tear through ground troops.

Three Empire Design Video Diary

Sony's Creative Director Matt Higby talks about the uniqueness of the three empires as will be featured in PlanetSide 2. Enjoy!

Beta Signups are Live

Via a post on their official Facebook page, we've learned that SOE and Planetside 2 have not only refreshed their entire website design, but also that beta signups have begun for the anticipated MMOFPS.

Vanu Sovereignty Design Video

The PlanetSide 2 team has released a new video featuring the Vanu Sovereignty. The video shines the spotlight on how the faction is designed. For those not 'in the know', the Vanu Sovereignty are sometimes known as the "techno-evangelists" and believe that technology holds "the answer to all of mankind's problems". Check it out!